Seasonal Anime Attempt: Koufuku Grafitti First Impression

[JnMBS] Koufuku Graffiti - 01 [0AB0F572].mkv_snapshot_00.36_[2015.01.09_14.10.56]

So today we look at Koufuku Grafitti where food can create friendship and happiness… shit.

Machiko is an eighth grade student who loves to cook. She was taught by her grandmother, though recently she feels her cooking has not been delicious. When her second cousin comes to stay with her for the weekend they bond over Machiko’s food… that is really it for the first episode.

I didn't know happiness had a flavour

I didn’t know happiness had a flavour

Machiko is weird in the sense for her love of food. I mean I like food, but the way she eats in this anime if different from anyone else. When she eats the animation becomes more detailed and it gets really erotic. Her cousin even says that she eats erotically.

Even the anime notices it.

Even the anime notices it.

There is nothing much to the story as of this moment and I don’t really plan to venture deeper into the anime. I can see it is going to be similar to other slice of life anime where a group of girls hang out, though this one will be centred on food.

Where did the animation upgrade come from?

Where did the animation upgrade come from?

There is not much to talk about for the first episode it takes place in either Machiko’s house or actually it is really just Machiko’s house. I like to cook and was looking forward to an anime that had a focus on cooking. Though it disappoints me to see the focus is primarily on the relationships, which is understandable because most people aren’t going to watch an anime that focuses solely on food. I would have just like to see a larger emphasis placed on the cooking in the anime.


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