Seasonal Anime Attempt: Yuri Kuma Arashi First Impressions


Now let us look into this anime that I was pleasantly surprised was directed by the director of Mawaru Penguindrum.

The first episode tells us that there was a meteor shower a while ago. The debris from the meteor shower caused all of the bears on earth to stand on two legs, gain intelligence and want to eat humans. Afterwards the humans built up walls to protect themselves from the bears.



I don’t know about the characters there may not be anything there in terms of real development. The characters are bland and don’t have much to them accept the sexual preference. Immediately after finishing the episode I could not remember the character’s names, they were just there and that is upsetting.

Where did the court come from?

Where did the court come from?

Also I was considering continuing to watch this show, but then there was that really obvious fan service scene that turned me off from the show. If I have to give the show one thing it has the same look to Mawaru Penguindrum, which is always appreciated. It looks awesome, though at some times the show doesn’t make any sense. For example out of nowhere they go to a court and I thought they were trying to justify eating the lead character but I am unsure. Also the fanservice escalates out of nowhere to an implied blowjob… um… okay, this was unexpected.

Where did this come from?

Where did this come from?

Overall, I don’t think this will be on my list for must watch this season. I might catch it when it is complete, but I am in no hurry to continue to watch the show. Also I liked the opening song I found it enjoyable and somewhat matching the show.


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