Seasonal Anime Attempt: The Rolling Girls First Impressions

[HorribleSubs] The Rolling Girls - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_05.57_[2015.01.11_10.21.45]

Lets move onto the next anime this season with The Rolling Girls, it’s like Air Gear, but not… I was hoping for more Air Gear.

Ten years after the Great Tokyo War Japan has split into ten independent nations. Each of these nations are ruled by a Mosa. People in the anime are classified as either Best (people with extraordinary ability) or Rest (people who are not Best). The story centres around a group of individuals who work with the Best, Macha Green.

Macha Green and The Rest

Macha Green and The Rest

I understand from the other descriptions that I have seen for this anime that it is going to changes into something a little different, but for this moment I am satisfied wit this anime. The characters are okay, they are not amazing or memorable, they keep you entertained enough to progress the plot.

God, it looks good

God, it looks good

The animation is gorgeous, in the beginning they use the ink outline for the characters similar to No Game No Life, though throughout the show they abandon it, which is regrettable. The fights scenes and the anime in general is colourful and great to look at. The fight is smooth and fast paced allowing me to actually enjoy it.

Our two possible protagonists

Our two possible protagonists

Overall, I am going to continue this anime it looks like it will be a fun anime to watch and it has a interesting concept at this time. I am hoping that it continue to be enjoyable in the future.


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