Seasonal Anime Attempt: Yoru no Yatterman First Impressions

[pleins] Yoru no Yatterman - 01 (720p) [51B2262C].mkv_snapshot_01.12_[2015.01.12_04.58.52]

This was the one I thought to give the show a chance, to learn about an old franchise.

The show is based off the series Yatterman taking place in the future of the original series. the Doronbo gang has been banished from the newly formed Yatterman kingdom. Generations have passed and their descendents live their daily lives trying to survive outside the kingdom. The youngest of them Leopard, is a girl who loves Yatterman. When her mothers gets sick her and her friends try to go to the Yatterman Kingdom for medicine. When they are shot at by the Yattermen and her mother dies, Leopard believes the Doronbo gang to be the good guys, vowing to destroy the Yatterman kingdom.

The happy family

The happy family

Now that was the longest intro for the season and for good reason, I LOVE THIS SHOW! It is amazing, the characters feel like people over the small things that they do and speak. The characters are interesting in their own right and the motivations for their goal are understandable.

Their past

Their past

This show looks great, where they are is dark and dingy, showing how they have been outcasted from the world. While when the doors to the Yatterman kingdom open up we see a blinding light. That may be just me reading into the show to much.

Their future

Their future

Overall, I feel that this show is a must watch for the season. It is funny and I believe that it is only going to be better. After I finished this episode this was the only show where I thought “I’m going to love this show.”


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