Spider-Man Learning to Crawl: A New Villain Emerges


This is the mini-series that came out in conjunction with the resumption of the amazing Spider-Man series in 2014 after the end if the Superior Spider-Man story line.

The story is about the beginnings of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. We see him using his power to turn a profit from wrestling. During this wrestling match Spider-Man meets Clayton Cole, Clayton becomes inspired by Spider-Man’s ability and wants to become a like him. He develops a suit that manipulates sound, and allows him to fly (Though his ability seems similar to shocker, but I digress). They fight and Spider-Man wipes the floor with Clayton or who now calls himself Clash. The after effects of Uncle Ben’s death has effected Peter negatively, this results in him doing poorly in school and lying about his whereabouts, mostly because he is hiding that he is Spider-Man. Peter through the trouble caused by Clash and from help from Aunt may, becomes Spider-Man, not to help himself, but to help others.


This was a good mini-series, it was used to help new readers understand the origins of Spider-Man. This was also good for long time readers because they added new elements to the mythos. The first was the villain Clash, a new hero that was similar to Peter but was more self absorbed. He had a Spider-Man esque costume, which makes sense because Spider-Man was his idol. The second thing they added to the mythos is the reason Spider-Man cracks jokes, it was because his aunt and uncle used to do that to him.


The art in this story is interesting, it has the feeling of the original comics, a 60’s feeling to it. It looks similar to something you would see from Volume 1 of Amazing Spider-Man or Amazing Fantasy. It looks similar to it, but you see the modern colouring and design features, but it was a welcomed feature that made sense. This is supposed to be an updated origin story so it only made sense to make it look similar to the original series. Though the series looks like the old style they add modern technology, like mp3’s and computers, that weren’t as readily available or existed during the original series.


Overall, it was a good miniseries, it reiterated to the new readers Spider-Man’s origins, but gave old fans something new about Spider-Man. I would give this miniseries a 7/10.


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4 Responses to Spider-Man Learning to Crawl: A New Villain Emerges

  1. stolenpens says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this book. I haven’t read it yet. You outlined some very important points though. Thanks…

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