TokusatsuRIDER: Kamen Rider Kabuto


The Facts are These:

The series revolves around a species of violent aliens called WORMS trying to take over Japan, the organization ZECT is trying to stop this. When they are trying to defeat an especially strong Worm, they used the Zecters system, which summons a Zecter and allows the person chosen with a Rider belt to become a Kamen Rider. They summon the Zecter, but it goes to a mysterious man named Souji Tendou and he becomes Kamen Rider Kabuto. Who is this man and how did he acquire the belt?


Kamen Rider Kabuto is an okay Kamen Rider series, it is interesting trying to understand Souji Tendo and how he came to receiving his powers. He is a man who is able to anything because of his talent and this may make him seem rude. Though he is a caring person with words of wisdom from his grandmother. Whenever he enters he introduces himself as “Walking the path of heaven, the man who will rule everything”, which his name means something similar. The fight scenes are awesome and the the characters are interesting. The enemies, Worms are cool because we see later that not all Worms are evil, though this is shrouded through the constant killing of them.

"I am a man who walks the path of the heavens to rule over everything, Souji Tendou."

“I am a man who walks the path of the heavens to rule over everything, Souji Tendou.”

Behind the Scenes:

Kamen Rider Kabuto was written by Shoji Yonemura (Main series writer for Kamen Rider Decade as well) and Toshiki Inoue (He has also written on Kamen Rider Kiva and Hibiki). Toshiki Inoue’s Kamen Rider Movies are considered alternate endings to their respective series and are considered non-canon as well. This was the fist Kamen Rider series to be shown in High Definition. In the show they state the the Masked Rider Project started April 3 1971, and the Native worms arrived that same year. This is a reference to the airing of the first Kamen Rider show, because this series is the 35th anniversary of Kamen Rider. The opening song is “NEXT LEVEL” by YU-KI, here it is for you to enjoy…



A Brief View of the World:

The world of Kamen Rider Kabuto is that of modern Japan, with everything and everyone being completely normal… On the outside. There are a race of aliens called Worms that are trying to take over earth. Worms can kill a person, take their appearance and memories, they can come in two forms the Salis form and their adult forms with the ability to Clock-Up. Clock -Up is an ability that is held by both the Riders and the Worms which allows them to move at near-light speed.

Generic Worms

Generic Worms


This series was okay, not as great as some of the series I have watched, but still an enjoyable show. It is fun to watch the characters interact and Kamen Rider action never disappoints. Though I may say that this sin’t my favourite series I still enjoyed it.


This series like any other Kamen Rider series is not really rewatchable because of the length. I only recommend you rewatch the series if you personally enjoy the series.




Kamen Rider Gaim – For an awesome Kamen Rider series.


Kamen Rider Den-O – For the series that came afterwards.



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2 Responses to TokusatsuRIDER: Kamen Rider Kabuto

  1. wakuwafu says:

    I love kamen rider, kabuto was the first series I watched but kuuga is my favourite I think!

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