A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives: And a Cat has Nine


The Facts are These:

At a young age the young boy Taito meets the girl Saitohime, she gives this boy a gift so that they can always be together. Years later Taito has forgotten about this girl and is living a normal high school life, until he is hit by a truck and dies. Moments later he awakens alive and with his memories of Saitohime, remembering that she was captured. It is up to him to save the love of his new life.


This show is moe action crap… Those are my main thoughts and they stayed the same from episode 1 to the last. I only watched this show because the create of No Game No Life had a part in it, so I thought it would at least decent. Saitohime is whiny and is always “Taito” this and that she wasn’t what I expected of her. Taito was your typical shounen hero and that was it. Gekkou and Mirai were weird for this show they were in a abusive relationship. Gekkou treated her like shit and Mirai just took it with her innocence, and for that matter I hated that Mirai always acted with shock and surprise whenever Gekkou would release her seal. This annoyed me and was unnecessary I just that this relationship was more interesting then the main characters relationship. One last thing to complain about with this anime was that on some random scenes there would be a bat frame around the screen. What the hell was that for, was it thee to emphasis that Saiothime was a vampire. It was just stupid and something that kept poping up.

The Fucking Stupid Bat Filter

The Fucking Stupid Bat Filter

Behind the Scenes:

The series is based on the light novel of the same name by author Takaya Kagami whose other works include Owari no Seraph and Legend of the Legendary Heroes with most of his works receiving an anime adaptation. The series was directed by Takashi Yamamoto whose other works include Final Approach, Jewelpet Tinkle and Nanatsuiro Drop. The series was produced by ZEXCS with their previous works including Chrome Shelled Regios and Mushi-shi. The series is available to be streamed from Crunchyroll. The opening song for the series was “Once” performed by Hitomi Harada. Here is is for you to enjoy…



A Brief View of the World:

The world of this anime is that of modern day Japan, however at one school in Japan all of the alternate dimensions connect and it is up to an organization above the government to protect the world from the onslaught of creature that can come through that portal.

Our Main Heroes

Our Main Heroes


I didn’t like the show it was dull and boring with a plot that was somewhat interesting and could have been used to make a good story, overall not a great anime.


This series is rewatchable with its short length of 13 episodes you can breeze through it in a day. Though it is normal moe action crap and I wouldn’t recommend a rewatch because you won’t get anything out of it.




No Game No Life – For a decent anime made by one of the parties involved


Shiki – For an interesting vampire anime



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Takaya Kagami and ZEXCS.


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4 Responses to A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives: And a Cat has Nine

  1. Neru says:

    I’ve never heard of this anime before but it seems like I won’t be watching it based on what you’ve said. Seems interesting that the creator of No Game No Life had a part in this. What part exactly?

    • dandylion13 says:

      He worked on the character designs on the original work… I didn’t find out how small he contributed till after I finished the show.

      • Neru says:

        Haha I guess I can see some similarities. Mainly with the ‘cutesy’ aspect. I hope No Game No Life gets a second season. Madhouse can’t seem to finish their series properly (especially with Btooom!).

        Great article by the way!

      • dandylion13 says:

        Thank you, I really hope it gets a second season as well. Ending on the cliffhanger was terrible. I haven’t watched Btooom! yet but it is on my list.

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