Seasonal Anime Attempt: Isuca First Impressions

[HorribleSubs] ISUCA - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_02.14_[2015.01.24_13.46.30]

Gotta be honest here, forgot another anime was coming out this season. With that being said onto the impressions.

Warning: The pictures below have nothing to do with the plot, I just couldn’t believe it when I saw it in the show. Also that may be inappropriate for younger readers, so you have been warned.

This is going to be short because after the initial scene I just lost interest because nothing could top it. Well our protagonist, Shinichiro is looking for a job, though before that he is attacked by a monster. When he later sees a girl, pinned to a tree with an arrow, he removes it and she happens to be a demon. With his help the girl Sakuya, who happens to be an exorcist, team up and destroy another demon.

Is she going to flash?

Is she going to flash?

Well we learned nothing much about the first episode then Shinichiro is special, Sakuya is an exorcist and never trust flashers, NEVER! Other than that there is nothing memorable about the episode.



The opening song is pop and I don’t know if it matches the idea of hunting demons and fan service, maybe that is just me. The animation is spectacular and we see television première censoring on the flasher.

A Fucking Flasher in the first 30 seconds!

A Fucking Flasher in the first 30 seconds!

Overall I am not going to continue the show it does not look interesting, and you can’t beat a flasher in the first 30 seconds of the show, you can’t.


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22 Responses to Seasonal Anime Attempt: Isuca First Impressions

  1. Honestly I’m not a big fan of fan service (first time I used the word fan twice in a sentence? Oh that makes three times). It cheapens the product and it’s really hard to be engaged with the story when every female spots a G cup and clothing that are three sizes too small.

    It makes it very hard for me to talk about anime because it has such a negative stigma in the western world, I don’t fully blame western audiences either. It’s like throwing a bikni scene at the end of Shawshank Redemption or having a sex scene in Inception…

    • dandylion13 says:

      Yeah fan service is over used and it takes away from the story. However, there are many story that have fan service, that doesn’t add or take away from the story.

      An example would be Shingeki no Bahumet: Genesis, I recently just watched it, it had light fanservice, but wasn’t to the extent of other shows. It was light, and it didn’t add or take away from the show. If fanservice is in a show it should be to a minimum.

      • I have no problems with fan service being in Ecchi/Eechi (I’m not really sure how to spell it) because that’s the total point of the genre. But I found the constant fan service shots of Karen and the other Code Geass girls to be so annoying even if all of them were attractive.

      • dandylion13 says:

        Yeah if it is meant to be there I am somewhat okay with it, if it is like Code Geass, it takes away from the story.

  2. lehzalee says:

    Omg for real? And i was actually planning to watch it! Well, fine me for littering but I guess I’m going to drop this anime, oops…

    • dandylion13 says:

      I was absolutely shocked about the Flasher in the first 30 seconds.

      • lehzalee says:

        Hahaha anyone would be too! Maybe they wanted to have an eye-catching introduction to intrigue viewers to continue watching on. Well, too bad haha cause it made me more disgusted than curious XD Seriously man, the anime industry really needs to tone down on fanservice. It’s making me nauseous ><

      • dandylion13 says:

        I know, when they do fanservice it is always covered in that black censoring, so it looks awkward. They shouldn’t have done this, it didn’t add to the story, it just took away;

      • lehzalee says:

        WAIT THAT BLACK CENSORING WAS THERE ORIGINALLY? HAHAHAHA THAT’S SO STRANGE. The act of flashing will not attract people who dislike fanservice, and the censorship deters people who love fanservice. So overall, it completely backfires… Well, idk but this was maybe not a good idea imo.

        Hmm after some thought though, certain anime can still do well despite excessive fanservice. I found No Game No Life really good, due to its plot and mindblowing twists, even though there were many irrelevant bath scenes haha.

        So indeed, the ‘flashing’ certainly doesn’t leave a good impression among viewers, but I think that a well-executed storyline can actually save it from dropping to the depths of fanservice hell 🙂 But according to your summary, Isuca doesn’t really seem very interesting so no hope for the anime I guess xD

      • dandylion13 says:

        Yeah the story of Isuca wasn’t as interesting when I first read the description, but interesting enough that I would watch the first episode.

        Yeah fanservice can be smaller aspect of a show then it wouldn’t be minded as much. No Game No Life was a good example. There was fanservice, but all the viewer is focused on is how they are going to solve this problem.

        As long as the story is interesting fans outside of Japan may be more lenient on the fanservice. The anime wasn’t interesting and I have no desire to continue it.

      • lehzalee says:

        Exactly, I agree with everything that you have just said! Well, let’s just ignore Isuca and focus on the other better anime this season haha! Are you watching any others?

      • dandylion13 says:

        I am religiously watching Yoru no Yatterman, I love it so far. I am watching Death Parade and Assassination Classroom. After that I will probably catch the other shows after they are finished airing. What about you?

      • lehzalee says:

        Hmm never heard of Yoru no Yatterman, what is it roughly about?

        I’m watching those two as well! I absolutely love Death Parade haha possibly because of its Psychological element, which really appeals to me. AC is pretty enjoyable for me too! I like the ‘whacky’ aspect of the anime, while simultaneously displaying very prevalant issues of our society, like discrimination.

        Also watching KnB, AZ and DRRR! sequels haha

      • dandylion13 says:

        It is adapted from the original Yatterman anime that I didn’t watch, but I am still getting the story. The Doronjo gang in the past fought against the Yatterman for a jewel. When the Yatterman won they established the Yatterman kingdom and banished the Doronjo gang from the kingdom. May years later their descendants are working hard to survive outside the wall. A woman named Dorothy give birth to a child she names Leopard. Years later when Dorothy gets sick Leopard and her mothers friends Elephantus and Voltkatze try and travel to the Yatterman kingdom for medicine. After being attacked by the Yatterman they decide to be heroes of justice and fight against the Yatterman and the Doronjo Gang.

        That is the first episode in a nutshell. I enjoyed it, it felt like an older anime, but worked and I was surprised and happy I gave it a chance.

      • lehzalee says:

        Ooh I see. Hmm the plot sounds similar to Akame ga Kill, which is slightly cliche, but of course, every anime has unique adventures and experiences. And the characters seem interesting as well. I think I’ll watch the first few episodes to see if it appeals to me! :3

      • dandylion13 says:

        That is all I can ask, I find it great, you may find it mediocre. That is what is amazing about anime.

      • lehzalee says:

        Wow that is so true! It’s because of different preferences that lead to great discussions. Thanks for this conversation! ^^

      • dandylion13 says:

        No problem man, this was interesting to wake up to.

  3. thatrandomilongga says:

    Im on ep6 and Im waiting for the next episode of this anime. Reminds me a lot of Zero no Tsukaima with all the magic and whatnot.

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