The Wedding Ringer: I’m Having a Heart Attack!


This is a review for the movie Wedding Ringer, Quick thing I reccommend that you watch the movie first before you read the review because I found it hilarious and I don’t want to spoil any of the jokes.

This movie is hilarious, and I would recommend this movie for anyone who wants a good laugh. It has great jokes some that you may see coming, jokes that come from left field or subtle visual jokes. I was laughing for a majority of the movie because it was genuinely funny to go and see this with a group of friends. This movies stars Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, they have great chemistry and they were genuinely funny.

Kevin Hart and Josh Gad

Kevin Hart and Josh Gad

What I was impressed most about the movie was the visual jokes. In movies jokes usually rely on a verbal communication or a humourous event. This movie would give a slight nod or an expression to a situation that erupted the theatre in laughter. I thought this was awesome because some movies do not capitalize on the fact that this is a visual medium and there is more that you can do with certain scenes.

I was surpirsed the see Penny

I was surpirsed the see Penny

That is not to say that this is a perfect comedy. I had a fun time with the movie that is without a doubt, however there is not much depth to the story. The story focuses on the wedding and somewhat delves into the lives of Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, but other than that there is not much depth.

The Grooms Men

The Grooms Men

This movie is a fun time with friends, you will have fun. However, this is not a deep movie, though it is not meant to be. This is a fun movie and I would recommend it.

Rating: 7/10


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