Board Fight: Personally Incorrect

Personally Incorecct

This game is ridiculous and totally matches the sense of humor my friends and I have. I basically compare it to Cards against Humanity, but an even dirtier version.

Personally Incorrect come in an extremely large box, with a rule pamphlet, 291 incorrect answer cards, and 98 incorrect question cards. The answer cards have the design of the box on the and their front is blue with the answer on it. The question card have the design of the box on the with a large question mark on the back, the front is green with the question. The rules of the game are you deal 10 answer cards to each player at the table, and place 10 question cards at the centre of the table. 1 Question card is played each round and the biggest jerk at the table is the first to read the question, then the person at this left will read the next card.Each person will play an answer card for the question, everyone will vote on an answer, but you can’t vote for your own. The last person who votes, their vote doesn’t count; the card with the most votes win that round. The winner of the game is the person with the most answer cards, if there is a tie the two players compete in a tiebreaker round and everyone votes on whose answer is better.


I play the game using Cards against Humanity rules, each player draws ten card and there is the Card Czar, he chooses who he thinks has the best card, first to ten win. Either way though the game is fun and worth the buy. You can buy it off Amazon for $22 or at a hobby shop or Spencer’s for $30.


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