Neon Genesis Evangelion: I Can Be Happy!


The Facts are These:

After the disater known as the Second Impact, humans are beginning to thrive again. When the beings known as Angels begin to attack again it is up to NERV and their robots known as Evangelions, to stop the possible Third Impact.


This anime could be amazing though I felt the ending to be a let down. Starting at episode 24 it became a character study on the remain characters, that could be dead, I’m not sure. It was not a good ending, I was happy for Shinji realizing that he could be happy, but I did not feel there was a conclusion to the overall story we had been progressing through. Another part I had a problem with was Kaworu, I enjoyed the idea of his character and relationship with Shinji, though I felt left down that he was only in 1 episode. From what I thought going into the show I thought he was going to be in at least more than one episode. I enjoyed the Evangelion fight scenes and the character’s interactions and self exploration. It was an interesting show to watch delving into the human psyche.

This Scene was Amazing!

This Scene was Amazing!

Behind the Scenes:

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an orginal series created and produced by Hideaki Anno. He is mainly known for this series, but he has worked on such other series as Gunbuster and Nadia: the Secret of Blue Water. The series was produced by Studio Gainax and Tatsunoko Productions. The series is licensed in North America by Aesir Holdings, where their products are distributed by Section 23 films. The series openning song is “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” performed by Yoko Takahashi.

Here is the opening to Neon Genesis Evangelion…

A Brief View of the World:

in the year 2015, 15 years after the worldwide tragedy known as the Second Impact. People live in the futuritic city known as Tokyo-3. In Tokyo-3 is the organization known as NERV. A futuristic Geofront cavern located beneath Tokyo-3. Nerv and society in general are run with the help of 3 supercomputers known as the Magi.


I enjoyed this series, though the ending did not leave me on a savoury note. I understand that after a certain way through the series the production team was low on funding and that was the reason into went into a psychological route. The matter remains that I did not enjoy the final two episodes. I hear that the End of Evangelion changes this, maybe I will give it a watch.

The Cast

The Cast


As it stands now having not watch the End of Evangelion I wouldn’t rewatch the series. I would suggest that if you ever see an End of Evangelion review on my blog to give it a read. Maybe that will change my thoughts on the series.




Martian Successor Nadesico – For an amazing mech and science fiction anime.


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – For an over the top, balls to the walls mech show.


I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Hideaki Anno and Gainax.


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6 Responses to Neon Genesis Evangelion: I Can Be Happy!

  1. Firstly… ” but he has worked on suck other series”

    Secondly, Evangelion along with Trigun, Bepop, Akira and Ghost in the Shell are often labelled as the founding fathers of anime or series that have played a large impact upon the anime genre particularly in the west. But despite that I’ve heard many different things about Evangelion, from it being the greatest anime ever to an over rated anime whose ending is very subpar.

    I’m going to take this to branch out to another topic, I wouldn’t consider myself an anime expert nor would I consider myself an anime novice, but here’s a top ten animated series (films are discounted) which I have compiled together, this is sort of in order… (Of course I’m discounting ATLA and LOK, otherwise they would be 1A and 1B)

    1. Samurai Champloo
    2. Trigun
    3. Attack on Titan
    4. Code Geass
    5. Death Note
    6. Steins;Gate
    7. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
    8. Cowboy Bepop
    9. RWBY
    10. Baccano

    Right now, Jin and Mugen’s adventures are my clear favourites. Interested to hear your feedback, because I know you have a top 30 list, but I’m not sure if that’s updated or not.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Yeah sorry about that guess I forgot to proofread this one. Though yes, shows like Trigun and Neon Genesis Evangelion are considered to be anime that popularized anime in the west. I feel that Evangelion is a good series but it is not as good when you watched the Rebuild movie series first like I did. Though I understand the previous Evangelion movies fix the terrible ending.

      My list has not been updated for a while, I need to get on that. Your list is pretty good. There are two things of discussion for me on this list 1). RWBY & 2). Attack on Titan. I liked how you said animated because there is a debate about whether RWBY is an anime, I have not seen it so I can’t argue it. Attack on Titan I find to be overrated. The story and themes are awesome and cool to watch, but I can’t seem to see it the way other people do, though this is probably just me. Samurai Champloo is an awesome anime… Enough said.

      Nice talking to you and excuse the typos in this comment I am writing it on my phone and sometimes it can’t pick up the error or I can’t see it.

      • My phone keypad was never very nice to me either. Honestly I need to watch Akira because it’s like being a basketball fan without watching a Michael Jordan clip… But I just feel like the animation is quite dated… Still… I guess it’s like Citizen Kane or Casablanca where you just have to watch it.

        Anime is a weird genre to define, does it strictly mean animation produced in Japan? If so what happens when a Japanese studio suddenly moves to Korea or China but produces the same animation style? For me anime is less about the country of origin and more about the style such as large eyes and unique and unusual hair colour. I am not sure if ATLA or LOK counts as anime, personally I see it as slightly more of a cartoon BUT I wouldn’t argue if anyone said it was of an anime.

        Personally I think RWBY is an anime, but just because it isn’t properly funded and because it has a very mediocre story line that shouldn’t stop it from being an anime.

        Samurai Champloo is amazing, I love it. Jin or Mugen? I personally prefer Jin, his ice cold demeanour is fascinating.

      • dandylion13 says:

        That has been a debate for a while because there are many anime that break the mould of animation produced in Japan. An example of this would be First Squad: Moment of Truth where it was a joint project between an a Japanese animation group and a Russian animation group. I consider it the style as well, but then there is the problem of ATLA and LOK because they may look and have the feel of anime, though they were not produced in Japan. I personally consider them cartoons, but that is me. The way I organize anime and cartoons on my movie shelf is if it has a Japanese language track it is anime, if not it is a cartoon.

        Since I didn’t watch RWBY I can’t classify it as either.

        I’m sorry I am a Mugen man myself. Mugen is a fun character to watch and the more we learn of him the better the character he is. Also the brothel episode is hilarious.

        Even the the anime may be dated, it is still a beautiful anime to look at with an okay story.

  2. Attack on Titan is quite hyped, I think there were flaws with it, the middle sections seem to drag a bit and it didn’t continue with the same steam it had at the beginning. HOWEVER it’s animation was SPECTACULAR, being on par with Baccano (though I think I prefer Baccano’s animation slightly more).

    Whilst the main protagonist was a typical Shonen character who isn’t the most talented but extremely hard working… I really liked him. He was extremely passionate to the point where he might not even be fit to live in society, so much blood lust and hatred for the titans! I didn’t really like Mikasa as she was TOO powerful…

    I didn’t understand why so much time was spent on the minor characters since they were killed off very soon… That was always kind of confusing… Though overall I still enjoyed it, it definitely gripped me, even if I didn’t really how the main protagonist transformed into a giant, it would of been more poetic if humans beat the titans on their OWN terms in their HUMAN form. Then it would really be humans triumphing over the titans, but I guess they wanted to emphasise the theme of fighting fire with fire.

    • dandylion13 says:

      If the show was based on humans fighting titans as human, this show would have improved immensely. It could have been considered a triumph of the human spirit and overcoming adversity story. That would have peaked my interest more, like how the beginning was until he transformed.

      I have to admit though when you see the main character transform for the first time it is awesome. The main character is interesting with him having an actual relate able reasoning behind his hatred for Titans.

      The animation is fantastic, don’t get me wrong I just did not enjoy it as much as everyone else and because of all the hype I was let down. It is a good anime, I just think there are better anime out there that fit my wants and needs.

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