Dungeons and Dragons: The Lost Mines of Phalendelver Part 2


The is part two of the campaign in the Rebrand Hideout where most of the adventurers are gone and only the manliest remain.

Part 2 of the campaign only Hector, Bub and Wolfwood showed up because everyone else was working. Here they talked to citizens in town about their boss, but all they talked about was the Redbrand gang and their terror. The Redbrands attack the group and they had to fight against them. The ruffians have the ability multi-attack which allows them to attack twice and this damaged the party greatly. Though they managed to get through and they find out that a boy found a secret entrance to their hideout, they talk to the boy and he leads them to the entrance.


They go through the entrance to see a Nothic there, The Nothic tells them he will let them go if they give him some food, so they give him some salted pork they took from their caravan and they give it to the Nothic. The nothic scurries off with the food leaving the cave, the make a perception check to find the Nothic’s treasure trove with a legendary sword called the Black Hawk! Bub took this sword to make up for his loss in the previous part, and everything else was split up evenly. Now this is where things get weird, I messed up reading the adventure and made them go to the wrong room, and they find three Bugbears and a Goblin. They barely managed to defeat the Bugbears and they interrogate one which tells the party about Glasstaff and who he works for. They take the key and the Goblin they were harassing Droopy asks if he could join them and he will tell them about some information about the hideout. I corrected them and let them go to the room they were supposed to be in for free. Anyway they got pat the skeletons, freed the prisoners and managed to get to the room before Glassstaff. Now here I do something I thought would be okay, because Glasstaff is supposed to be alerted that the group is coming ,I was going to do that, but instantly when they went into the room they killed the rat familiar. So I allowed the surprise round because they instantly ran into the next room. They easily killed him during the surprise round, looted the room and walked away as the manliest of men.

Overall this was a good successor to the first part, it was not as hard in my opinion to the second part, but that may be because I was more lenient with the group and allowed rerolls once per room because they had fewer then the minimum required to do the campaign. It was fun and I need to pay attention more to the campaign because I put them in a horrible situation. It was fun and they still had fun as a group though.

P.S. This will be the last post on this adventure because as of writing this post we have finished this adventure a while back. My thoughts on the adventure though is that it is a great introduction for new players. All of my friends have had very little experience with D&D and this helped them to understand it better. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to get into D&D to buy it and give it a try with a group of friends.


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  1. Just wondering if you play Guild Wars 2?

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