The Kingsman: In the Asshole! And Action!


The movie revolves around a young man named Eggsy (Taron Egerton). When he was younger his father died during the final mission for the opportunity to become a kingsman. We flash forward to after Eggsy’s father’s death to his mother meeting Galahad. Galahad gives Eggsy a medal with a phone number telling him if he ever needs something to call him. Seventeen years later Eggsy calls the number after being arrested and changes his life and the world forever.

This movie is incredibly enjoyable and fun to watch. This movie had seriously entertaining characters and one of the best fights scenes of the year (though being two months into the year helps that). The show was funny and that made it more entertaining, with its humour focusing on etiquette and gentleman humour to sex jokes (if you save the world, you can do it in the asshole, being an unexpected and funny line that got the whole theatre laughing) and unexpected moments. It had a variety of humour that made the next joke a bit mysterious.

Colin Firth and Taron Egerton had great chemistry with each other.

Colin Firth and Taron Egerton had great chemistry with each other.

The movie had fun characters, Eggsy as a character was originally pretty bland and I did not feel a connection to him, though towards the end he was matured enough to me caring for his safety. The other actors in the movie are great with Colin Firth (Galahad), Samuel L. Jackson (Valentine), Michael Cain (Arthur) and Mark Strong (Merlin) having great performances that are different from their normal acting choices.

This fight showed you how fun this movie was going to be.

This fight showed you how fun this movie was going to be.

This movie had some amazing fight scenes and visuals overall. The scene in the bunker when the detonators go off was truly great to look at. The movie had great fight choreography, with Colin Firth’s fight scene in the church being a stand out and crazy fight scene that had you watching at the edge of your seat.

Most of the Main Cast

Most of the Main Cast

The negatives of this movie were that I felt that the shaky camera in some scenes to be distracting and took away from the overall tone of the movie. The dialogue at some some points felt forced or just added for exposition. Though overall this is an enjoyable action movie that will keep you entertained.

Rating: 7/10


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6 Responses to The Kingsman: In the Asshole! And Action!

  1. It’s probably best to not judge a book by its cover… But honestly I feel like this film premise is so cliche. Any last words I should hear that could possibly change my decision to watch this film or not?

    • dandylion13 says:

      This movie is a cliche, but an enjoyable cliche. It is fun, has great action and some funny moment. If you like action movies or movies like kick ass give it a watch. It is not a violent as Kick Ass, though some parts do get violent.

  2. Ray H says:

    Based off the comic by Mark Miller. Not my favorite writer, he seems to care more about film adaptations than the content of the original comics, but the story was moderately entertaining and the film seems worth checking out.

  3. jimbelton says:

    Gazelle, the evil genius’ right hand “man”, was interesting in that she was a woman and a really creepy body horror, but she had virtually no personality. The same can be said of the other female character, who is Eggsy’s rival and actually becomes one of the Kingmen before he does. I don’t even remember the name of her character. Kudos to the writers for having a strong female protagonist, though, even if she was unmemorable. Eggsy’s “love interest” is a mere sex kitten. His mother is probably the most well written female character.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Yeah your right I can’t even remember the love interest of Eggsy. His mother was probably the most well written female character in the movie. With her scene with her baby after being affected by super evil villain plan being really good. Gazelle had no real character, you were right about that. I think she was just in the movie to have more action scenes with a woman involved.

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