Greg leaves the Completionist


I may not talk about video games much on my blog, but in actuality I am subscribed to many video game review shows on Youtube. I find them some of the more interesting content on Youtube. I have watched the Completionist for about 2 years now and have enjoyed probably every episode. I was on the bus when I hear this and was asleep after a midterm and missed the fallout. So this is what I found out.

On February 15th Greg made a post on Twitter possibly foreshadowing his disagreement The Completionist.

Completionist 3

Weeks later we get this message from Greg says this…


And Jirard responds with this…

completionist 1

This is the video he posted…


He posted this comment in the information of the video…

“So before everyone starts coming up with theories and things get a little crazy, I just want to be clear that out of respect of Greg and our friendship, I’d appreciate it if people would just kind of cool the jets on the whole “we want answers” thing.
Greg posting on Twitter was something that was agreed, we didn’t talk to each other about when. I was in a doctor’s appointment when it happened so I wasn’t able to say anything until after the fact.

The farewell video that you’re asking about has been created and was waiting upon approval by Greg and myself before it’s made public. There’s a chain of commands of things.
Greg has been in every single episode of The Completionist to date, there’s never been an episode he wasn’t in. Fact. Except the breaking bad episode.

The discussion of Greg’s departure has been an ongoing discussion for a while. In the farewell video, I will answer a few questions, but one question that’s going to be missing is “Why?”
Quiet frankly, thats where we ask everyone to respect our decisions. Somethings are best left for people to handle in their own relationships behind closed doors. The theories will poor in, people will freak out and complain. It’s going to happen.
But Greg’s been my best friend for 9 years. And I still respect him so much. If you guys are upset and feel betrayed or lost, imagine how we feel. Our biggest fear was that this was going to turn into some form of Game Grumps conspiracy thing. And truth be told, my heart hurts from knowing that /r/TheConspirist exists. Hopefully it’s just a joke and stays that way.
Anyways, I hope this clears some things up for now. The video will be uploaded and posted right now..

Thank you



Greg then responded to the video that Jirard posted…


With Jirard responding the Greg’s comment…

completionist 2

Then we see that it wasn’t how Jirard was making it out to be… Remember to read this from the bottom up because it is twitter.






Well that was somewhat of the end of that until this came up…


So there was a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) between Jirard and Greg. This was probably by Polaris because they did not want someone to insult one of their Youtube Personalities. I do not understand how it is the low road to break it though. He was just saying how he felt and how he felt hurt I didn’t see anything

I do not understand what Jirard did to make Greg so upset and why he would hurt the already fragile agreement they had by lying. I can just say I understand why Greg took to twitter like he did. He was hurt and that he felt betrayed more than he already was.

From what I gather some people Greg wanted some more compensation, since he was with the show from the beginning. Jirard however says he came up with everything on his own and Greg was brought on later to make the show more humorous. This resulted in what I assume, Jirard firing Greg.

Remember though these are my thought and I am just sad to see Greg go. He was a funny part of the show and I enjoyed it a lot with him there. I do not know if I will be able to continue watching the Completionist knowing what happened and how they left on such terrible terms. This feels like when Jon left Game Grumps, I was upset and Game Grumps was never the same for me.

I am ending this post with probably one of the most genuine laughs between two friends I have seen on Youtube, from the Completionist. Greg I will miss your humor on the show.



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20 Responses to Greg leaves the Completionist

  1. No idea who these guys are. From what I can see Greg didn’t come away from this internet drama looking very classy.

  2. defenderland says:

    “Greed has poisoned men’s souls.”

    The way money and ‘ownership’ enters into Youtube channels is always a strange thing to me. I never was into the Completionist, but as a JonTron fan (who isn’t?) I followed that fall-out a bit, and as a Two/Super Best Friends fan I often worry about the same thing happening there. As far as I can tell, Matt ‘owns’ everything and just pays the other three. Depending on what the split is, I can really see that group breaking up over money as well.

    Incidentally I’m also a big Abbot and Costello fan. I’ve read that Costello (the on-screen ‘idiot’) actually handled all the financial negotiations, but always split whatever they got 50/50 between him and Abbot. Shame we don’t have so many high-minded individuals around anymore.

    • dandylion13 says:

      I know I was upset when Jontron left Game Grumps. It was so sudden and I was shocked. Yeah it is always a concern when there is a group of people working together for a show. I was completely shocked when I heard Greg left the show.

      Abbot and Costello are hilarious and I am happy that they split everything even. I used to watch Super Best Friends and I enjoyed the show.

      I guess the post is more of how it is always said to see a duo separate and I am just upset to see something I enjoy change.

  3. James Story says:

    I was a pretty big fan of the Completionist for a while and unfortunately Greg was my favourite part of the show. Was super disappointed when I heard about this, and the way things almost spilled out online. Always awkward when a couple of guys build an internet fanbase then split seperate ways. Same kind of thing happened with Arin and Jon on Game Grumps, though at least that didn’t involve what seems to be a pretty personal breakdown of a friendship between Jirard and Greg.

    I still dip into the back-catalogue of episodes every now and then, but I don’t think I’ll be keeping as close of an eye on the channel since this. Hopefully Greg starts doing his own thing.

  4. Anime Dreamer says:

    I know about that and it make me sad, any way that happened with screwattack and projared and make me hate the site.

    • dandylion13 says:

      I think Projared is an awesome content creator. I thought they left on good terms, did something happen?

      • Anime Dreamer says:

        he get fired to, but i’m not like you, i don’t know how to get all that info, you need to dig that one next, i see one tweet from him say he get fired.

      • dandylion13 says:

        From what I gather Craig did not think that Jared was putting enough effort into his work on Screwattack. It seems that Jared put in more work than most with Hard News, Side Scrollers, reviews and editing in general. When Jared started doing less of what he used to and started to focus on his own projects, Craig did not like that and had a discussion with Jared. Craig and Jared talked and Jared agreed to leave, though he was not exactly okay with it, he still agreed to leave.

        That is what I summed up from happening. What I do to find that information is that I usually find that forum and Reddit are a good area to start. Because the fans there will usually find something out, it is just a matter of gathering it, making sense of what happened and adding your opinion because everything is just speculation or a one sided view.

      • Anime Dreamer says:

        But at that point he do a lot to the site, more then any one else,

      • dandylion13 says:

        Yeah, that was what I found.

      • B.T.Smith says:

        The sad thing is with what happened with screwattack that Jared’s project Nametags was removed from their site recently with their site update. You can find a copy of it on reddit if you’re comfortable with dl’ing a zip file. That series is a huge inspiration for me though it has yet to actually show on screen. All the Normal Boots guys are heavy influences.

  5. Jay says:

    I realize this story is almost a year old, but I just want to give my two cents.

    I’ve been watching the Completionist since Greg’s departure. To be quite honest, the show isn’t that good anymore. Yes, Jirard does do the leg work (completing the game) but Greg was pretty hilarious and made the show enjoyable. Since Greg left, the show is pretty flat and whenever Jirard and his friends try to be funny, the jokes just fall flat and aren’t funny at all. I don’t think I’ve laughed once since Greg left.

    I just hope Greg makes a return to social media because I think he’s quite funny and talented. I think he had every reason to speak out especially when Jirard tried to look like the good guy and say that the two of them are still friends.

    • B.T.Smith says:

      I feel like there’s more to this than meets the eye. As Greg says “it’s not about the money”. I don’t want to say he was lying because I have no proof he was but if it wasn’t then clearly it was his view of Gamergate compared to Jirard’s and the other Normal Boots guys. My case on this was his last (that I know of) convention where Greg, Jirard, and most of the other Normal Boots guys was at Greg made a poorly made joke thanks to Gamergate and the entire room didn’t react quite as Greg may have thought even some of the other guys might not have taken too much a liking to it either. It stalled the positive buzz in the room albeit momentarily. Jirard’s personal views of the shit show that was GG may not be known but his professional view was rather neutral or subdued preferring to just stick with games and looking at them and showcasing the love affair that many gamers have with them.

      My thoughts are that this event and talks behind the scene left their friendship rather strained which at least the strained part was apparent with Greg not joining for SGC. Whether or not it was based on this prior event or not. He probably brought up money since if they didn’t see eye to eye with how “Heinous GG is/was” why should he seek to help an “enabler” and not charging him as if he wasn’t helping a friend.

      This honestly could have just been a small part of it and maybe there was in fighting over money and how much Greg did or didn’t do prior. Truth be told I disliked Greg at the beginning and then started warming up to him; by the time the con panel thing happened… I figured since how good of friends (you could tell they were) nothing would happen. As most back then knew his feelings on GG, while most Normal Boots guys preferred to be neutral, except Jontron.

    • Steezy says:

      I completely agree.

  6. Thanks for summing this up for us.

  7. Otakujuggalo says:

    Greg is just being a bitch cause he can’t do his BEARS! bit anymore.

    • Galrowre says:

      He still does them in some of his sketches, just not as loud as you remember it.

      usually, it is a subtle bears, but he still does them.

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