Journey Through the F*@king Unknown: Chuuka Ichiban (MAL Ranking: 1009)

I have decided to torture myself for the next 4 reviews by watching over 200 episodes of anime… there goes my weekends. The rule are simple for the Challenge: Journey Through the F*@king Unknown.

1. Must have aired before 2005
2. Must be at least 50 episodes
3. Must have a ranking below 1000 on
4. You must be unfamiliar with the anime
5. The episodes must be full length, none of those 2-5 minute anime… 20 MINUTE EPISODES!

Though close exception may be made to these rules, now onto the review!


The Facts are These:

In the 19th century in China during the time known as “The Era of the Cooking Wars.” Where top chefs battle against each to improve their cooking style. The chefs can be ranked as Apprentice, Third-Class, Second-Class, Senior-Class and the most noteworthy title only held by 10 people in history, Super Chef. The story focuses on the son of a Super Chef Liu Mao Xing, working his way to the title of Super Chef and improving his cooking style.


This show has that really old anime look, but it gets better after time. The concept of the show is interesting with, in the beginning they actually show you cooking techniques, that slowly fades away. Afterwards the show goes into flashy cooking techniques and unrealistic cutting techniques. Though you have to consider that if they didn’t do that the show would just be cooking normally and that would not be as interesting as what we got.

The food can look gorgeous at times

The food can look gorgeous at times or silly looking

Behind the Scenes:

The series is based of the manga of the same name by author/artist Etsushi Ogawa, his other works include Tenshi no Frypan and Asakusa-bito. The series is 52 episodes longs and ran from April 27, 1997 – September 13, 1998. The series was directed by Masami Annou, his other directing jobs have been Anmitsu Hime and Miracle Psychicer Seizan. The series was produced by Studio Nippon Animation.

Here is where I usually put the intro, but the copy I found did not have the intro on it so… funny pictures instead.

For this episode they replaced the word Manju with buns... I laughed

For this episode they replaced the word Manju with buns… I laughed

Why does this guy have a robot arm in a show that takes place in the 19th century?

Why does this guy have a robot arm in a show that takes place in the 19th century?

A Brief View of the World:

The show takes place in China during the 19th century, though this is not the China in our history. This China’s history focuses primarily on cooking instead of politics. Also a significant plot we find out later on is the great chef Shuri crafted 7 legendary pieces of cookware out of a meteorite, these cookwares are imbued with special powers that change the food. The Forever-Spirit Knife makes the food as fresh as it once was. The Coiled dragon pot ferments food in moments and the Spiritual Deity Copperware, softens food immediately.

Three of the Legendary Cookwares

Three of the Legendary Cookwares


This show is okay, it is not great. The show has an interesting concept and fun visuals though it gets tired after a while. The show is fun, though it isn’t a must watch show, watch it for the rare cooking anime out there.


Though is definitely not rewatchable, it is long and the plot wouldn’t last a second viewing. The show is too long and the plot drags at parts and rushes at others.




Bonus Pic: DESTRUCO DISC!… actually it is just dough


Yakitate!! Japan – The show treat cooking in the same way as Cooking Master Boy, so if you liked this show you would enjoy Yakitate!! Japan.


Bambino! – This is a manga, but it is a great cooking manga.

bambino cover


I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Nippon Animation and Etsushi Ogawa.


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  1. That dough could slice through Frieza.

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