Journey Through the F*@king Unknown: Tenshi na Konamaiki (MAL Ranking: 1097)

I have decided to torture myself for the next 4 reviews by watching over 200 episodes of anime… there goes my weekends. The rule are simple for the Challenge: Journey Through the F*@king Unknown.

1. Must have aired before 2005
2. Must be at least 50 episodes
3. Must have a ranking below 1000 on
4. You must be unfamiliar with the anime
5. The episodes must be full length, none of those 2-5 minute anime… 20 MINUTE EPISODES!

Though close exception may be made to these rules, now onto the review!


The Facts are These:

Megumi is a girl with a hidden past, she used to be a boy. One day she saved an old man, in return he gave her a book. From the book a demon appeared and offered to grant her one wish. He asked to be the manliest man, the demon instead turned her into a woman. With her new found identity she must adapt to womanhood and the men who want to be with her.


This series is pretty bland in the sense that is feels like the normal tsundere romance comedies with the supernatural twist. There is not much going for the series after the romance. The main leads are fun to watch and the situations that they get into a interesting to watch, sometimes. The more interesting parts to me are the parts where they interact with the Devil in the Book and when we learn the twist.


We find out that Megu has always been a girl and that the Devil changed her memories to make her believe that she used to be a boy. I thought this was great because they hint at the limitations of the Devils powers. With their limit being energies or ideas, for example a curse is more of manipulating the fortune within a person. I thought it was well thought out and I did not see it coming because we are made to believe the fact that she is the boy and there is no reason to doubt this fact.


Other than that this series is pretty average on the scale of romantic comedies. The characters are okay and the animation has that early 2000’s look to it.

The Devil of the Book

The Devil of the Book

Behind the Scenes:

The series is based off the manga of the same name by author/ artist Hiroyuki Nishimori, whose other works include Kyo Kara Ore Wa!! and Ocha Nigosu. The series was directed by Okuwaki Masahura whose other directing jobs include Kirarin Revolution and Marchen Awaken Romance or MAR. The series ran for 50 episodes from June 4, 2002 – March 29, 2003 and was produced by Studio TMS Entertainment.

I thought the opening was okay, nothing special. So here it is with SPANISH SUBTITLES!… Was too lazy to find English.


A Brief View of the World:

The series of Cheeky Angel takes place in modern (at the time) Japan. Though this is not the Japan that we know and love. The world is slightly different, with the possiblity of magic and demons existing in the world, as seen through the Demon in the Book. Other than that this is modern Japan.

The Main Cast

The Main Cast


This series is average and it would not be near the top when recommending a romance comedy, but the twist made me enjoy the show even more. I would say if you enjoy romance comedies, then to give this show a watch, if you are not a fan I wouldn’t recommend a watch


I would not recommend a rewatch on this series because it is 50 episodes long and the story is not interesting enough to warrant a rewatch. You may want to rewatch it to see the hints from the twist, but that would be it.




Toradora – For n interesting romance comedy with a fun tsundere.


Golden Time – For a romance comedy with a twist, also by the creator of the previous recommendation.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Okuwaki Masahura, Hiroyuki Nishimori and TMS Entertainment.


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2 Responses to Journey Through the F*@king Unknown: Tenshi na Konamaiki (MAL Ranking: 1097)

  1. The premise sounds interesting and I like the twist. I’ll avoid watching the show though because fifty episodes is too much of a time investment for something that is only average.

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