M.A.G. Project Strikes Fast and Hard


The MAG Project or Manga Anime Guardians project is an anti-piracy campaign created by the Japanese government. This project was created in order to eliminate pirated anime and manga distribution.

I have recently become aware of this project and am actually perfectly fine with this. When I went to go to Animetake.com I came upon the message that their website was closed indefinitely. With further investigation I found that this was the result of the campaign supported by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) and the Manga-Anime Anti-Piracy League. This league includes Aniplex, Kadokawa, Good Smile Company, Kodansha, Sunrise, Shueisha, Shogakukan, ShoPro, Studio Ghibli, Tezuka Productions, Toei Animation, TMS Entertainment, Bandai Namco Games, Pierrot, and Bushiroad.

Promotional art for the M.A.G. Project

Promotional art for the M.A.G. Project

Their website state Japan looses $20 billion a year from online piracy and $5.6 billion from bootleg copies. The website goes on to discuss that a popular manga piracy website is ranked online as high as other major listed stock firms in Japan. The website asks for the support of people who enjoy anime to help them with this epidemic. This is a major problem that affects this hobby that all of you who are probably reading this enjoy as well.

They've opened the website manga-anime-here.com. A place where you can find website that legally host the show or manga series you are looking for.

They’ve opened the website manga-anime-here.com. A place where you can find website that legally host the show or manga series you are looking for. Though not a complete list of series, it is a start.

In the beginning of this post I stated that I found out about this problem when I went to Animetake.com, a known piracy website. I was going to download the latest episode of Yoru no Yatterman. I watch the simulcast and I wanted to get some higher quality pictures for the review I was going to do in the future. I wanted to clarify this by saying that there is no reason nowadays to pirate anime and manga. In the past when websites that distributed anime and manga were either expensive to view or did not exist it was a bit more understandable to pirate anime and manga. How were you going to enjoy you hobby if it was not available to you.


Though now there are websites like Crunchyroll and Funimation, where between the two of these websites you can find any anime you possibly need, and they are all free (All be it, on Funimation you can not watch the English dub without being a member of their website). Almost all anime and manga can be viewed LEGALLY for free, making there little reason to pirate. There is going to be the excuse that “I don’t want to watch commercials!” Well suck it up, you are supporting the people that are creating content that you have enjoyed since you were young. 30 seconds of extra footage is nothing compared to the hard work they placed into these series.

They added these characters over step goals where the number of people who joined their cause another character would have been added to the picture above.

They added these characters over step goals where the number of people who joined their cause another character would have been added to the picture above.

We have become lazy and have expected everything for free because we can however, that is not how life works. These people have families and kids, what they do is a labour of love, but it is also is a means to survive. How would you like it if you were working in a convenience store and someone just walked in a stole a candy bar. Sure in the long run a single candy bar is not going to mean much in loss profit, but what if hundreds and thousands of people were taking these candy bars from you store. You would be panicking and worried about your life and future. This is the same for these hard working people that try tirelessly and to produce great content for it to be stolen.

Here is the M.A.G. Project Thank You Video hosted on their website.

Let us support the great industry that has given us great content and lessons to live by. There is no reason to steal that is already free, support the anime and manga industry.


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6 Responses to M.A.G. Project Strikes Fast and Hard

  1. Zedicus says:

    Reblogged this on Zedicus Thinks and commented:
    I am in total support of the M.A.G’s resolve. Piracy Is a gross injustice to Anime and Manga production companies and i believe Dandylion13 interprets my thoughts on the matter excellently.

  2. ChazzU says:

    I really agree that it is a shame that so many people in America pirate anime when they can get it for free on multiple sites with only 30s ads, or without ads for not even 10 dollars a month. That’s 1 movie-theater ticker a month to watch as many shows as you can bring yourself to!

    My main problem with the industry and medium right now though is the lack of distribution to Europe. Australia and the UK have limited online libraries compared to the US & Canada, but at least they have some. I, for example, have zero options to watch anime legally. And it isn’t looking to change, which I think is a bummer. Because I would be down to pay a monthly fee on both CR & Funimation could I access their sites and libraries.

    I guess that was not necessarily your goal of this post, and I definitely agree that the internet has come to expect too much for free or unreasonably low cost, to the point of harming an industry they claim to love yet refuse to support, but I thought it was a point worth making.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Yeah if you have no legal way of watching anime then there is no way for you to watch it without buying each series individually then there is no helping it. I understand that there are people that can not access their services legally then do what you can support the industry by making the occasional DVD purchase.

      I understand that you care for the industry and that is all that matters. Do what you can to support, but do what you must to enjoy the hobby. I did not mean to make it sound like I hate everyone who pirates. There are reasons for what someone does and you do what you do to enjoy your hobby. Thank you for reading my post and keep enjoying anime.

  3. Gogoanime just died so I guess MAG is responsible. I like using pirate sites to see if a show is worth buying. In the past I have lost a lot of cash buying things blind and then discovering they were crap. Although I don’t condone piracy the sites come in handy for shows that don’t get licensed in the west. Crunchyroll and Funimation aren’t available in my country so my options are rather limited.

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