Scanlators are Great and Necessary


I recently posted and entry talking about my opinions on the M.A.G. Project. In that post I feel that some people may have misinterpreted my thoughts on Scanlators. Here are my thoughts on Scanlators…

First off let me make this clear if you do not having the legal services available to you to view anime and manga legally. Support the industry in whatever way you can. You can not help with the conditions that you have so there is nothing else you can do. I am stating this because I feel there may have been some confusion when it comes the M.A.G. Project post a while back. Now onto the topic at hand.


Scanlators are people or a group of people that either release a manga or other material for public consumption and or they translate the story into your language so you may enjoy the material. Both of these options are usually done without the permission of the author or publishing company. Now what I wrote sounds like Scanlators are criminals, but here is why I find them necessary.

This doesn't mean that all scanlators are good.

This doesn’t mean that all scanlators are good.

Series like One Piece, Naruto and Bleach were all without a doubt going to be translated because of their massive popularity. Though what makes Scanlators important in my eyes is that they can find the diamonds in the rough so to speak. Series that will most likely not be published or licensed outside of Japan, though they are still great series. That is why Scanlators are important, they allow us to enjoy are far larger range of stories than what was possible if everything was decided by what companies believe will be popular or not.


This does not mean I condone the translation of licensed works, that is a crime and it may already be available in your region. I just believe that if those of use that live outside of Japan are most likely never going to see or hear of these series without the help of Scanlators, than what is the harm of them translating those works.

Anyway Scanlators are good and necessary

Anyway Scanlators are good and necessary

Scanlation can be both good and bad, and because of their existence I have learned of many series that I would not normally know of. I am going to list a couple of great Scanlators that translate and release great series.

AK Scans
Death Toll
Turnip Farmers
Easy Going Scans
V16 Scans
Lone Manga
Imperial Scans
Sense Scans


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