Journey Through the F*@king Unknown: Beet the Vandel Buster (MAL Ranking: 3031)

I have decided to torture myself for the next 4 reviews by watching over 200 episodes of anime… there goes my weekends. The rule are simple for the Challenge: Journey Through the F*@king Unknown.

1. Must have aired before 2005
2. Must be at least 50 episodes
3. Must have a ranking below 1000 on
4. You must be unfamiliar with the anime
5. The episodes must be full length, none of those 2-5 minute anime… 20 MINUTE EPISODES!

Though close exception may be made to these rules, now onto the review!


The Facts are These:

In the dark age the world is ruled by the devil, Vandel, who is able to control monsters. The Vandel Busters are people who hunt these devils. The story focuses on Beet, a young Vandel Buster that is working to destroy the Vandel, Beltose, the one who killed his idols the Zenon Squad. These five heroes gave Beet their life weapons (Saigas) and now he hunts those Vandels.


This is an interesting shounen series that should and shouldn’t be watched by fans of the shounen fighting genre. This series has great action and interesting combat with the presence of monsters and evil beings known as Vandels. I thought that it was interesting that both sides of the fight had a ranking system with Vandels having stars and Vandel Busters having a level tattoo. The major problem with this anime is that there is no ending to it. We do not know what happens to Kiss, or if the Tragic King is ever defeated. That is the problem with the show and makes it hard to remember it fondly.



Behind the Scenes:

The series is based off the manga of the same name by artist Koji Inada and Riku Sanjo. Koji Inada’s previous work was Dragon Quest: Dai’s Great Adventure, where he worked with Riku Sanjo on it. Riku Sanjo since his work on the series has worked on several Kamen Rider series such as Kamen Rider Drive, Fourze and W. The original manga series has been on hiatus since 2006 because of Koji Inada’s illness. The series has 52 episodes running from September 30, 2004 – September 29, 2005. The series was directed by Tatsuya Nagamine, who has worked on the sequel series Beet the Vandel Buster: Excellion and recently One Piece Film Z. The series was produced by Studio Toei Animation.

Here s the first opening…


A Brief View of the World:

The series take place in a world that is being destroyed by beings known as Vandels. The being can buy and use monsters purchased from the Dark Hotel. Each side the Vandels and the Vandel Busters are ranked by their actions or who they defeat. The world looks pretty generic with nothing spectacular to look at. When the main characters reach the Dark Horizon, an area of the world dominated by the Vandels it gets dark and grey to show their dominance, but it just looks ugly.

Beet's Saigas

Beet’s Saigas


This series has great action and a storyline that is interesting. Top it off with great characters and villains, you walk away with a great shounen action anime. So what is the problem? The problem is that there is no ending to the show which leaves you with this two part episode where they fight some random Vandel. The show brings you up and lets you down.


The show is not rewatchable, with 52 episodes of good story with no ending to it and no real ending to be seen soon. It is not worth a rewatch.




Katanagatari – For a great and well thought out story for collecting powerful weapons.


MAR – For a fun and exciting anime that involves magical accessories.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Toei Animation, Koji Inada and Riku Sanjo.o


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