Here Comes the Anger Train: Shonen Jump Online Reader is Terrible!


A while back I bought the GotAnime Membership from When you purchased it you could choose to bundle it with a membership to, to get a weekly Shonen Jump Membership. I decided what the hell and bought the bundle, because I used to collect the monthly Shonen Jump magazines and who doesn’t want to support the industry that they enjoy so much.

After waiting a long time for just ordering a membership I finally get access to the website. I insert my log in information and now I have access to weekly Shonen Jump and the nostalgia begins to pour in. I decide to read the issue I got which includes the final chapters of Naruto in them. A fitting beginning to my return to Shonen Jump, but this experience was not all rainbows and sunshine. I now experience the Shonen Jump Reader… and I don’t like it.

Here are some of the Weekly issues I have.

Here are some of the Weekly issues I have.

The reader allows you to change pages by clicking either the right or left side of the page. However, when you how over the page you will get either a grey semi-transparent arrow pointing in the direction you want to change the page to or you will get the menu. The menu has several buttons located on it, with one including help. I don’t know how to use help, because everytime I clicked it nothing happened… not very helpful. The next button is bookmark, which like it says allows you to continue where you left off. The is page mode which allows you to change the view of the chapter. You can read it either double page style or single page style. There is full screen which allows you to read the pages with the pages taking up the full screen of your computer. There is Zoom where you can enlarge or decrease the page to you preference. Then finally from this menu you can change the pages as well.


Now these do not sound to bad, but I am to used to reading manga the pirated way. Where I can click either the left or right arrow key on my keyboard to move from page to page. I find it easier and it does not take away from the image to read this way. Sure the grey arrows do not take away much from the art because they are not noticeable, but the black options menu takes away from the top third of the page. They could have easily made it so the option menu was below the page and not hindering the view of what I was reading, in case I accidentally moved my mouse. I find it annoying and a tedious problem.

The Gray Semi-Transparent Arrow of DOOM!

The Gray Semi-Transparent Arrow of DOOM!

I am paying Viz Manga my own money every year to use their services and these services are lackluster compared to the fan translations sites that host the manga before they come out on this website. I think that this is a minor problem and should not affect the fact the Viz Manga is offering a service that helps the anime and manga industry to continue. I am just to used to the way websites that host manga scans use the keyboard to control how I read. This is a minor inconvenience and it takes away from me enjoying the manga. They can not help the fact that the manga is released online and translated before they publish it on their website, though this does not help their cause.

Come on who doesn't love One Piece!

Come on who doesn’t love One Piece!

Viz Manga is a good website to read manga legally and support the manga industry, and it has an extremely large selection of manga, with sales going on weekly. I implore people who enjoy manga to purchase the membership, you may or may not use it that is you choice, but you are now supporting the industry that has given you much entertainment. With all I have said against Viz Manga, it is still a great website that we need to give our attention to. Viz Manga allows the manga that we all enjoy to continue and make our world a bit better with the services they provide to us. Thank you for reading.


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3 Responses to Here Comes the Anger Train: Shonen Jump Online Reader is Terrible!

  1. It’s funny how big companies, with financial resources, often can’t do what pirates do for free.

  2. dairenjireviews says:

    Hello there! I’m Ayril from Dairenji Reviews, We’ve just nominated you on our blog! Hope you are having a nice day!!

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