Board Fight: Tsuro


Lets talk about the way of the paths… Fuck I hit a wall!

Tsuro is a game that can be played with up to 8 people. You hold three tiles in you hand and you place them in front of your piece to move it foward. The tiles move your piece wherever the path takes them. Your piece must follow the path to where it can no longer move. You lose if you hit a wall or you collide into a friend. Other players pices can moves your piece as well as long as it will move their own piece as well. The last person standing is the winner and the stand on the burnt remains of their victims… What do you mean that isn’t apart of the rules… You mean I killed my friends for nothing!… NO!!!!

A game in progress

A game in progress

When you open a box you see partchment paper with Tsuro written on it. You will see a rule book, eight pieces, two stacks of tiles and an ornate grid board. The dragon tile is a special tile that lets the person who holds it gets to exchange some of his tiles with an eliminated players tiles.

The pieces and tiles.

The pieces and tiles.

This is a great game that involves a lot of strategy. The games gets you to think about what move your opponent is going to make and what tile is the best for you. It is an intense game and I would recommend you play this game with a good group of friends.



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4 Responses to Board Fight: Tsuro

  1. Neru says:

    I doubt my friends would play this. No one really plays board games these days (Monopoly was great a few years ago, but it gets boring). Everyone’s hooked on their new computer games, lol.

  2. lly1205 says:

    I bought this game recently, after having played it once – that one play was enough to convince me! Tsuro is so simple but so good 🙂


    • dandylion13 says:

      My friends and I played this at a Halloween festival and we decided there to buy it. It is fun and we are a competitive group. So another game to play is always welcomed.

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