200th Follower Special: Tips for Getting the Good Deals

I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read my posts and to like them enough to decide to follow me. I really appreciate it and I hope to continue this for a while. I decide to bring out a post that I had planned for the future, it is a long one so enjoy.


Okay I am going to start off this post by saying that some of these may not apply to you because of region exclusions or maybe they may charge a pretty penny when it comes to shopping items. This is from my experience as a resident of Canada the best places to go looking for anime or anime related items in general. With that out of the way enjoy my tips.

To start off with I suggest you look online to see if there is any anime stores close to you. In find them to usually be in the nearest major city, for me that is Toronto. The store is Animextreme, their selection of movies and series are not that large, but their selection of models and manga take up 85% of the store. Be aware that since they are renting this actual property the prices will be retail price. Do not go in expecting amazing deals, sure they may have good deals but, they wont be like the deals you see at…


Rightstuf.com is the best site when it comes to Anime or Asian related merchandise. They have a large selection of goodies and all of them can be ridiculously marked down. Even more so if you have the Gotanime membership they offer that gives you an additional 10% off everything that isn’t on sale. Though people outside of the United States be aware of the price of shipping your items. To get free shipping the United States you need to purchase $50 worth of merchandise for my lowly Canadian self I need to purchase $250 worth of product… Why the hell would I purchase that much stuff! I guess if my friends and I all purchased our stuff together it would make sense, but even then that is a large bill. The website is good though for general price checking to see what is a good deal, maybe when you are hunting?


Damn I am good with the segways today. By hunting I mean going to flea markets, thrift stores or conventions. It is good to have a general idea of the price of the product. This allows you to know if you are getting ripped off or you have found a good deal. Generally if you find an item at a flea market or a thrift store it is going to be a good deal because thrift stores price all movies at one price and flea markets generally don’t care about anime specifically. Conventions are a good place to find anime that would normally be hard to find like limited editions or out of print series. Try to find conventions near you, and are reasonable to attend. Anime North in Toronto is $60 for the whole weekend which is fun, Fan Expo in Toronto is around $100 if I remember correctly. If you can only go to one convention choose the one you will enjoy the most. I choose Anime North because it focuses on my main hobby anime. Convention are not just for finding things for the collection but because they are awesome places to be. Be aware the convention prices are going to be on the high side because they have to pay for the space to be there. Remember to negotiate and bundle your purchases together.


Now we are on to websites like eBay and Amazon. These websites can be hit or miss, sometimes the deals are great, but others can be over priced because the seller feels that the item is more rare then it actually is. If you want to know the appropriate price that most people are willing to pay for an item go to eBay type in the item that you are looking for and on the left bar that reduces search results click sold and completed listings. This gives you the general price the item is sold for. These prices can help with one of the most helpful websites for collectors. Though if you want to be personally involved in the deal…


Craigslist is a website where you can find people around you that may be selling things you are looking for. I have found many deals off of craigslist just be aware of two things…

1. Some of the sellers can be rude and unwelcoming. To them selling this DVD set is to make them a profit and at the LAST GOD DAMN MINUTE THEY MAY DECIDE THEY WANT TO CHARGE YOU MORE! (Takes deep breath) Tell those people to screw off you don’t need the item that bad. If you wait long enough you can find it again.

2. Always bargain. I don’t care if they say their mother is sick you need your money as well. Always try and give a low offer and work to a better offer. Most people are willing to work out a deal, they are not going to give it to you for half off, but you can usual get a better deal. Always be open to discussion and when necessary if you feel they are being unreasonable walk away. Again you will find this again if you really want it and it will be a better price.


Those are my tips for looking for anime or other things in general. I hope they help you and remember you vote with your money. You can choose what you purchase or who you purchase from. Thanks for reading.


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13 Responses to 200th Follower Special: Tips for Getting the Good Deals

  1. josefcd904 says:

    Congratulations for 200 followers!

  2. krystallina says:

    Reblogged this on Daiyamanga and commented:
    Good tips to get deals. I live in a rural area, so I can’t find local deals or conventions. I plan on doing my own tips for getting manga cheap real soon.

  3. Winny says:

    Congrats on 200 followers! You deserve them all 😀

  4. Congratulations, you’ve grown a lot as a website.

  5. Cassandra says:

    Wow. Good speedy post. Very to the point though I would never buy from Ebay considering everything is usually much expensive since a seller believes something is worth more than it is. As well as being a big ground for bootlegs.

    Still I think the rest of the tips seem sound. Greeting as an anime and manga blogger 🙂 Looking forward to taking a look around your blog.

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