Seasonal Anime Attempt: Owari no Seraph First Impressions


Let us talk about one of the more anticipated shows of the season and one that looked especially good, Seraph of the End.

A virus has been made that has wiped out the human population over the age of thirteen. Because of this the Vampires have gathered all of the children and enslaved them. Yuuichiro is a young boy who does not want to be the livestock of the Vampires, deciding to escape with his family. When they are caught and all but Yuuichiro killed, he escapes and vows to kill all of the Vampires.

Our main character Yuuichiro, and his brother looking a bit down... I wonder why?

Our main character Yuuichiro, and his brother looking a bit down… I wonder why?

Immediately, this show has caught my attention. This first couple seconds of this show people are dying and mass destruction everywhere. It has caught my attention and maintained it throughout the episode. The majority of the episode is just introducing us to the character of Yuuichiro through his interactions with others. This may be boring at moments, but it still keeps you watching, wanting to know more about the world.

Oh... That's why

Oh… That’s why

The design of the series looks great, I love the green and black look for the soldiers costumes as well as the setting of the Vampires lair as well. The themes and ideas presented in this first episode make me definitely want to watch more of the show. It made me ask question about why they did this or how the humans can fight the vampires.

Yuuichiro (Age 16)

Yuuichiro (Age 16)

Everything done in the show makes sense, from capturing the children, to the blood bank centre. The anime looks great and in full of potential. I would definitely recommend continuing to watch the show. It looks good and I think it is only going to get better from here.


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4 Responses to Seasonal Anime Attempt: Owari no Seraph First Impressions

  1. Sunite says:

    A good start to an anime, I was to see more from this one, I like the whole generation of vampires and killers and lots of fighting.

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