Here Comes the Anger Train: Random Twists!/ Review of Patchwork Girl Manga


Okay this just pisses me off and here is why!

I recently just read Tsugihagi no Kanojo or Patchwork Girl and this stirred the ranter in me. This is a spoiler for this 3 chapter manga, but I don’t give a shit. So the manga seems like a love story of cruel fate. Where the main character gives up his life to save the girl he started to care for. What ticks me off is that after the surgery we are expecting to see the father, who is the head of the hospital, to tell the girl to take care, but he reveals that this is all a plan, that he and the girl made. She has done this before and finds it a fun game where she enjoys the challenge of getting someone to give up their organs to her. They then start to refer to the main boy as an idiot.



This really pisses me off and this is why, IT WAS UNNECESSARY! I was okay with watching the romance and seeing the tragedy for what it was. For some ungodly reason they decided to throw a giant FUCK YOU to what I committed a couple minutes of reading, and it defeats the purpose of what I just read. This is not just limited to this manga or manga in general, but I find it unnecessary in other forms of media. I mean if you are foreshadowing, that this was just a game, then it’s fine, but it was pretty random. Sure the Dad tells the son to kill the girl and get her pancreas, but that doesn’t mean this is a game, nor does it mean that the girl is aware of it. It felt like it was thrown on at the last minute and it ruins the already mediocre story as a whole.


When a movie throws a random  twist it’s just for shock factor and does not contribute to the overall story. It is emotionless and each story has emotion, from the original creator, but this takes away the story. If it is foreshadowed, then it’s more acceptable. It’s just unamusing when it’s random and just wasted all of the time I invested in this movie.

Those are my thoughts on Twists and now that you know about you may agree or disagree. Leave your comments below, if you agree or disagree.


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4 Responses to Here Comes the Anger Train: Random Twists!/ Review of Patchwork Girl Manga

    • dandylion13 says:

      Since I have more than 200 followers I will just answer it like this.

      1. First anime would be either Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z or Knight of the Zodiac. However, if we are talking the first anime I watched that I knew was an anime. That would be Slayers Next.

      2. I guess the Death Note opening, it always is a great opening to get you in the mood for the show.

      3. I don’t remember a particular anime, but I don’t like over perverted anime like the new Punchline anime. They just seem weird and unnatural to me.

      4. Tea, specifically Green Tea.

      5. Running a blog is a means of connecting to people with similar hobbies to you. It means being committed to providing content to the people who enjoy you blog on a consistent basis. Though it is a way of expressing your self in a way that you may not normally have.

      6. I technically started blogging on January 2, 2014, but I started to make consistent content July, 7, 2014. So I consider that date the real start of my blog.
      I originally started blogging because of an assignment in high school. For that assignment I made a blog similar to this blog called TV Ate My Life. After the assignment was over I stopped the blog, but I would still get the notifications from the website to my email. So one day I decided to delete the website and I did. However, I missed the constant beeping on my phone, I decided to start and new blog and then there was the hiatus. When I started back in July I decided to make consistent content and make a blog where many people will hear and possibly appreciate my opinion on the shows I talk about.

      7. Umm… I don’t know? I never really thought of that. I guess I would say Goku, because he may be able to teach me how to use my ki for that day.

      8. The Italian blood in me can’t refuse good Italian food.

      9. Yeas I go to Anime North every year in Toronto. With this year being by fifth year going.

      10. I don’t know about magical power but I would love to have magnetism as a power. The ability to attract and repel metal objects, and since our world consists of a lot of metal it may be an extremely powerful ability.

      11. All the bloggers that I enjoy reading their content can be seen on the blogroll on my website.

      Well here are my answers, from what I have seen the rule has been under 200 followers, and that is the one I use so I am going to follow it. Thank you for the nomination and have a great day.

      Also for the Nail Polish question you answered, for me it would depend if the nail polish is non toxic or toxic. Non toxic… free five hundred dollars and possible trip to ER, i’ll take my chances. Toxic… Trip to ER? No I wouldn’t drink toxic Nail Polish.

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