Seasonal Anime Attempt: Kekkai Sensen First Impressions

Kekkai Sensen - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.11_[2015.04.05_17.10.39]

Let us look into another anime based around New York City, with this one having a twist, Kekkai Sensen.

Three years ago the world of the abnormal and normal merged together. A mysterious fog bubble keeps the residents trapped in New York City. In the bubble a group of superhumans are trying to ruin the established balance. It is up to the defence group known as Libra to save this city, with the help of their new recruit Leonardo Watch.

Kekkai Sensen - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.03_[2015.04.05_17.28.41]

The leader of Libra

This anime feels creative and looks creative. I thought the concept for this show was interesting, hence why I searched it out to watch to first episode. I thought that this show was going to be an action show of pure supernatural fights and I was not disappointed. This series is great for people who just want to sit back and see awesome fights in a really cool setting.

This looks amazing!

This looks amazing!

We do not know much about the main characters except for Leonard Watch and I kind of like it that way. Each character has their own personality and look that makes interesting to watch. The background for Leonardo is interesting, though I don’t like it that we have another show that focuses on a weak kid who gets extraordinary powers. I am not saying that is a bad thing we have just seen that a lot in other anime.

Damn, this looks gorgeous!

Damn, this looks gorgeous!

The setting for this show look phenomenal, most of the show looks grey, but when they have the chance to show you something cool they go all the way. Another complaint I have about the show is the long drawn out attack names. Normally I don’t mind, but I found them to be extremely long. Overall, I am definitely going to continue to watch the show. It seems like it is going to be fun time to watch it.

Since I didn't add a picture of him. Leonardo Watch with his ability "The Eyes of God"

Since I didn’t add a picture of him. Leonardo Watch with his ability “The Eyes of God”


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9 Responses to Seasonal Anime Attempt: Kekkai Sensen First Impressions

  1. jcphotog says:

    It is nice we get to see the full episode. I want to see the next one before I give my opinion to see the ton the animated series is going for.

  2. CheesyJ says:

    I liked the aesthetics of the presentation in the first episode. The animation, backgrounds and soundtrack did a great job at pulling me into the episode. It did a great job at creating a somber atmosphere, which I really appreciated. I’m a little on the fence with the premise of the series, but I guess it’ll take me a few more episodes to make a serious call on that. Regardless, Kekkai Sensen did a solid job at attracting a viewership with a display of fireworks in its first episode, which is the most important ends of any series premiere. Looking forward to more.

  3. miharusshi says:

    I don’t totally see Leonardo simply as a dude who suddenly gets powers, though. I can’t explain well why I feel like that, but there’s something in him that tells me he’s not a weakling, of course that’s not only because he gets those God Eyes. He is a very nuanced character, and that alone separates him from the usual suspects of instant power ups.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Yeah, I think this show is going to get better… I hope

      • miharusshi says:

        There’s been a lot of things going on with anime community opinions on this show. Polarizing opinions, in fact.

        The intro was a bit confusing for me, but as soon as the action part in the end took place, I didn’t mind that confusion at all. I think all of it were calculated to be part of the episode.

      • dandylion13 says:

        yeah, I heard that originally the first two episodes aired together. Maybe watching both of them together leads to a better experience.

      • miharusshi says:

        Oh, you mean the preview? Idk. As long as it’s a series, each episode should be able to stand or be coherent on its own. If watching the two episodes in one sitting would be a better experience, they could’ve just gone by putting those two together into one, like what is done with ufotable’s first episodes in Fate franchise. Just my opinion

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