Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: It’s a Family Affair!

As a reward for Sekinetsu help with the site’s banner he was allowed to pick five thing for me to review. He picked five anime and this here is one of them.


The Facts are These:

Sorata Kanada is a second year high school lives in the dormitory known as Sakurasou, the dormitory used to place the troubled students of the school. One day the artist Mashiro Shiina an accomplished moved into the building. Mashiro can not take care of herself and now it is up to Kanada to take care of her.


This series is interesting and the characters are all fun to watch. I originally thought that Mashiro was going to be his cat transformed into a person or something like a slave master plot. However, I was pleasantly surprised; this series focused on a group of talented people and an average person. This is not a new concept by any means of the imagination, but the way it was presented was nice and kept me interested throughout the show. The characters were fun to watch and the not overly overt dirty humor at times was fun and a good change of pace. This series is unique that I would have left off on episode 23 and been fine with a great ending and the ending for episode 24 was a great ending as well. This accomplished the idea that the ending is one of the most important parts of the series and this accomplished it.

The main cast after a job well done.

The main cast after a job well done.

Behind the Scenes:

The series is based off the light novel series of the same name by author Hajime Kamoshida. His other works include the light novel Saga of a World Without God. The series was directed by Atsuko Ishizuka, with his other works including No Game No Life and Hanayamata. The series was composed by Mari Okada with her other works including Lupin the Third: The Woman called Fujiko Mine and Anohana. The series was licensed by J.C. Staff and licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America, with it being available for legal streaming in North America on the websites CrunchyRoll and Hulu.

The first opening is “Kimi ga Yume o Tsuretekita” by Pet na Kanojotachi…

The second opening is “Yume no Tsuzuki” by Suzuki…


A Brief View of the World:

This world takes place in Japan; in normal ordinary Japan. It is mainly based in the school housing building Sakurasou. This place is filled with the outcasts of the school where they live together, learn together and mature together.

The show had some genuinely funny moments.

The show had some genuinely funny moments.


This was probably the hardest review thus far to write, with me changing my opinion and the review FOUR TIMES. The show would change and would just get better and better. I found the show really picked up with the conclusions of the school festival arc, after that the characters seemed to have developed more. Before that arc I was riding at a solid 7/10, but after that arc my opinion on the show changed, making this one of the most surprising anime I have watched.


The series is rewatchable with a length of 24 episodes, though you would not gain anything from rewatching the series. The characters are interesting enough to carry a rewatch, though it is not good enough that in the future I would desire to see it again.




Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions – for a quirky school life anime that resembles this anime in some ways.


Golden Time – For a great slice of life anime with an all around interesting cast.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, J.C. Staff and Sentai Filmworks.


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6 Responses to Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: It’s a Family Affair!

  1. mirrorpurple says:

    Love eet… i need a S2 but doesnt seem possible now since the LN ended long ago…

    i need to watch Chuunibyo asap tbh…

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