Seasonal Anime Attempt: Punchline First Impression


I am always glad to see an original anime, so why wouldn’t give the show a chance. Let’s look into Punchline…

Yuta Iritatsu is a young boy, where one day the bus he is riding on is kidnapped. When suddenly they are saved by the masked hero Strange Juice. This hero handles all of the attackers, until the mastermind surprises her. Yuta tackles him out of the bus, where he later wakes up to find that he is a spirit and someone has possessed his body. Know he has to try and get his body, back before it does something he regrets.


No it’s the writers fault this show happened.

I am extremely disappointed in this show. I mean I was looking forward to the new anime idea and I got this perverted show where he has powers when he thinks perverted things and he gets aroused to much the world will end. I mean who seriously comes up with ideas like this it is ridiculous. The show started off so well, it has great animation, great looking fights and an awesome dubstep soundtrack to match the look of the show.

If you like panty shots then this is the show for you.

If you like panty shots then this is the show for you.

I mean the first five minutes had me really looking forward to the show for me to get this garbage. I wanted something really good to come out of this original property and I got some perverted show that does help the idea that many otaku are perverted. It looks great and had some great music, but I mean this show is ridiculous and stupid. I am not going to continue this show, there are other shows that have come out this season that are better.


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15 Responses to Seasonal Anime Attempt: Punchline First Impression

  1. josefcd904 says:

    I did check it out, and a lot of people either love or hate it, and personally I am giving it one more episode. I seemed to be right down the middle, but I think all the fan service is understanding once you understand that in Japanese Punchline is a pun on word that shares a similar meaning with panties.

  2. If you like panty shots then check out Najica Blitz Tactics.

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