Galavant: The Rhyming Review!


Oh what have I promised to do now? Also because I am rhyming I am not putting it in the usual format because that would be more difficult. Also side note, rhyming gets difficult after a while, so it may not be that good or make much sense.

There was once a show, that you may now know.

Called Galavant!

It was a musical, it was impeccable.

Called Galavant.

It was about a man, and every woman was his fan.

One day he found his love, She was his mourning dove.

But an evil king, came and stole his fling.

But when he found them, she was not his gem.

He fell into depression, Admitting his concession.

One day a princess came, she offered fame.

After a concussion, they had a discussion.

They travelled to her kingdom, to find his sugar plum!

Their discussions are hilarious

Their discussions are hilarious

The story was amazing, it is worth appraising!

for I was native, to this creative.

Though predictable, like a fable.

It was unique, and hard critique.

I thought I do the job, and not another snob.

The characters were fun, the story that they spun.

It was fun to watch, better then some scotch.

It is a great show, that could’ve easily blow.

But it turned out great, better then a blind date.

I would recommend, that you spend.

A couple hours, and just power.

Through this musical, it is unusual.

It would be a crime, if this didn’t rhyme.

The main group

The main group

Now with all that rhyming said and done, is this show worth it? Absolutely. This show is a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh and a fun time. Sure, some of the jokes are predictable, though what makes it great is the atmosphere and the music. The show pushes through with the well done musical numbers and characters. The only word I can use to describe this show is fun. I would recommend this show, even if you are not a fan of musicals. It is a great time with friends and it be a shame to miss this show.

Rating: 8/10

Here is the opening song to watch…


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