The Manga Shelf: Bokurano Ours

Bokurano cover

The Facts are These:

During a summer camp a group of 15 children find a cave on the beach. Inside the cave they meet the mysterious man known as Kokopelli. Kokopelli claims to be a video game programmer for a large large robot game. To enter the game they have to place their hands on the pedestal. After they all touch the pedestal the awaken on the beach, believing it all to be a dream, but was it?


Bokurano is a rare series because it doesn’t pull any punches. It shows the world for how it is and what you can experience in the end. The series goes through the lives of these children when it is their time to pilot Zearth. Their lives are diverse and reflect an aspect of human development. the story is never bland and keeps you wondering. When we find out the price for Zearth and who they are fighting against is a genuine surprise.

Bokurano Kids

The Children

Behind the Scenes:

The series was created by author and artist Mohiro Kitoh, whose other work includes Narutaru and Noririn. The series was published by Shogakukan in the magazine Ikki between November 25, 2003 to June 25, 2009, the series is licensed in North America by VIZ Media. The series was adapted into an anime series in 2007. The director of the anime series disliked the manga, changing aspects and certain rules in the series. When he asked Mohiro Kitoh, the author said it was fine as long as they were not magical reasons. The author later published on his blog telling reader who enjoyed the original story not to watch the series.

The emotion of this series is great

The emotion of this series is great

A Brief View of the World:

The world of Bokurano is that of Tokyo, Japan there is nothing out of the ordinary for this world. What is different is the universe itself. The universe created this system of parallel earth fighting against each other in order to prune off universes that are under performing.


Zearth is a badass mech!


This is a great series that keeps you interested to the end with the mysteries behind why these events are taking place to the reason some of these children act the way they do. The characters are interesting, as well as the combat and strategies used to fight against the enemies. This is a great read that will keep you wondering.


This series is rereadable with a length of 65 chapters. The story is compelling, but not as interesting the second time around because you already know the twist and turns that happen. Even with that knowledge the story is great and worth a reread.




Monster – For a great mystery that keeps you guessing at every turn.


Death Note – For a great mystery with supernatural elements.

Death Note


I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Mohiro Kitoh and Shogakukan.


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8 Responses to The Manga Shelf: Bokurano Ours

  1. I recently finished the anime about two weeks ago and I absolutely loved it! It’s a new high favorite. I will def have to check the manga out now!

  2. I’m actually working on a post about the Bokurano anime for my own blog! So it’s pretty awesome that you posted this! I did read that the anime and manga have some differences and it will be interesting to see what those are. I do encourage you to check the anime out! It usually takes me awhile to finish shows, but I finished Bokurano in about 4 days. One day I even watched 10 episodes straight!

  3. rjamesd9 says:

    I finished reading the series a couple months back. Loved it, so bleakly depressing.

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