It Follows – Ruining Sex For Everyone


One of the movies I was looking forward to the most in a while. Will it live up to my expectations or will it be a disappointment.

It Follows is about a college girl who contracts an STD-like things from the boy she was dating. Though it is not really an STD it is more like a monster that will walk towards you until it captures you. When it does finally get you it will kill you. Now this girl must either pass it along or kill the creature once and for all.

This review did not benefit from my decision to wait a night and write down my thoughts in the morning. So this review may not be the most coherent movie review. It Follows is a movie that takes themes from 70’s horror movies and places them in modern times. I enjoyed that concept to an extent, but I felt that this was not shown well and made the movie somewhat confusing. The movie has modern cars and iPhones in one scene and then we will see Tube TVs and retro programs. I thought that it was an interesting idea for it to reference older movies, I would just liked more commitment to the idea.

From the introduction of this being I am interested in this movie.

From the introduction of this being I am interested in this movie.

The most glaring issue for me was the soundtrack. The soundtrack was a mixture of electronic music. It sounded as if the sound director gave their child one of those programmable keyboards and recorded whatever sounds were made. It sounded jarring and at times out of place to the 70’s theme of the movie. The acting was mediocre, I mean no one rocked it out of the park. The acting just felt average enough to progress the story, but not well done enough to get me invested in what happens to the characters. An example of this is at one point, one of the girls is shot in the leg and after the initial reactions just sits there and rubs the wound. She should have been screaming and in excruciating pain.

The relationship between these characters was forced and uninteresting.

The relationship between these characters was forced and uninteresting.

I really enjoyed the concept of the shape-shifting being. I liked how we did not know much about why this was happening or what it was. It left mystery to the concept and it didn’t spoon feed us information. I was confused about the goal of the being though, because in the first murder we see it violently kills the girl, and with the next one it has sex with him in turn killing the guy. When it is trying to kill the main character it attacks her violently. So I don’t understand what it is trying to do. I liked how the being just walks towards you and it will eventually reach; making it so you are never safe. It made me focus on the background a lot wanting to see if anyone exhibited the movements of the being and this brought me into the movie. Though the cinematography was not the greatest making this a hard thing to do at time.

The only redeeming quality of this movie was the creature, I wish it was in a better movie.

The only redeeming quality of this movie was the creature, I wish it was in a better movie.

Overall, the movie is mediocre and did not live to my expectations. I was hoping for a great and fresh horror movie. What I received did not live up to my expectations. With that said there are some positive points to the movie, like how it works with the idea that in every horror movie the people who have sex are the first to die. I thought that this idea was a clever plot point. Though this would not be a movie I recommend going out to see. I would give this movie a 6/10, because there are some redeeming qualities, but overall it was a letdown.


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