The Manga Shelf: Rocket Princess

May is an important month for me, my birthday is in May, my father’s birthday is in May, Anime North happens in May. So to celebrate the month of May I am going to review 4 complete manga series by one of my favourite Mangakas Anzai Nobuyuki. To start it off we are reviewing a manga I didn’t know existed till I thought of this, Rocket Princess.


The Facts are These:

Ishibashi Kango was a violent deliquent until he meet his new neighbour, a Cyborg named Oozora Kohime. The story follows their school lives together and hiding her secret.


This story is different from the other stories by Anzai Nobuyuki. His other mangas have a mystical element to them, while this can be placed in science fiction. That is not to say that I did not enjoy the story, it is a cute story. In this manga we can see the groundwork of what will become of The Flame of Recca; this is seen through the character designs, and the fighting. The story is okay in the sense that it is not as good as his future works, but interesting enough.

This picture basically shows the whole cast

This picture basically shows the whole cast

Behind the Scenes:

Rocket Princess (or R Princess) is an original series created by author and artist Nobuyuki Anzai, his other works include Flame of Recca, Crazy Maniax, Marchen Awaken Romance, and MiXiM 11. The series was published by Shogakukan in the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday between in 1994, into 3 volumes and 2 wideban volumes. Wideban volumes are larger volumes than normal containing more chapters, this is usually done to seinen or josei series. The series is not licensed in North America.

You can see some of the designs we would later see slowly show up in this manga

You can see some of the designs we would later see slowly show up in this manga

A Brief View of the World:

In the world of Rocket Princess, it is similar to 1990’s Japan, however science in this world is advanced enough that a person becoming a cyborg is plausible or a high school student is able to build a giant robot like it was nothing.

Though not up to his later work this still looks great

Though not up to his later work this still looks great


This story is cute, it is a fun little romantic comedy that brings nothing that we haven’t seen before to the table. It is cool to see some of Anzai Nobuyuki’s earlier work and how his stories have changed since then.


This story is definitely rereadable, with only 30 chapters. If you read manga as fast as me you can be done within a hour. Though I can tell you that the story may not be worth the reread because it isn’t as good as some of his other works.




Change 123 – For another romance manga with action and a twist.


Super Dreadnought Girl 4946 – Romance and action makes for an interesting story

Super Dreadnought Girl


I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Nobuyuki Anzai and Shogakukan.


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