Cromartie High School: HE ATE MY PENCIL!


The Facts are These:

Cromartie High School is one of the toughest school in Tokyo with it’s lowest I.Q. After some bad judgement and luck Takashi Kamiyama is now attending this school . He must survive this school with contains robots, masked villains, gorillas, and Freddie Mercury. Welcome to Cromartie High School!


This is a funny show with oddball comedy moments. This show can make you laugh though some of the jokes get tiresome after a while. The episode I didn’t enjoy the most was the humming episode, where they are trying to figure out a song Mechazawa was humming. The episode is basically stills, with people’s noses moving and it didn’t keep me entertained. The show has a length of 12 minutes an episode, but when you take out the opening credits, closing credits and episode preview, each episode is about 9 minutes long. Which is really short and you can breeze through the episodes in less than four hours.



Behind the Scenes:

This series is based off the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Eiji Nonoka. His other works include Double J, Kachou Baka Ichidachi and Mechazawa-kun. The series is directed by Hiroaki Sakurai, whose other works include Di Gi Charat, Daa! Daa! Daa!, and Winter Garden. The series was produced by studio Production I.G. and was licensed and released by ADV Films, however since then it is now licensed by AEsir Holdings a client of Section23 Films. The opening for the series is “Jun” by Takuro Yoshida.

The opening is calm with crazy visuals that match the attitude of the show. Here it is for you to enjoy…


A Brief View of the World:

This is an oddball world that anything can happen. Where a gorilla, a robot and Freddie Mercury can all go to the same school. This world is fun and interesting with humour abundant.

Freddie Mercury is such a random addition.

Freddie Mercury is such a random addition.


You can tell this show was made on a small budget with the amount of still shots we see in the show and the episode length. I was surprised to hear the word “Faggot” in the show, you don’t hear that often because of its offensiveness towards other people. This show is weird and feels like it came out of a time capsule. This show gets tiresome after a while and may not be for everyone.


This show is definitely rewatchable with a length of basically 9 minutes an episode you can breeze through it in a couple of hours.




Gintama – For a hilarious and long anime that will always make you laugh.


Daily Life of High School Boys – For a short and funny anime that takes place in a high school as well.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Eiji Nonoka and Production I.G.


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7 Responses to Cromartie High School: HE ATE MY PENCIL!

  1. I liked a couple of the episodes, but overall it was too wacky for my tastes.

  2. sovietanime says:

    So kinda like Family guy in some of the jokes

  3. rjamesd9 says:

    I read the first manga volume and thought it was entertaining enough for a gag manga. Would have read more but the library didn’t have any.

    • dandylion13 says:

      It is enjoyable, but there is no substance to it. It is just joke after joke, which can be funny, though I just didn’t feel this series was better than other series who use the same format.

  4. Scott says:

    I loved this series, but I’m a bit wacky so it probably explains why. For what it’s worth, Mechazawa-kun is a spin off manga of CHS.

    The same author did a series that seems even weirder (and unsurprisingly is not available in English) about a neighbourhood association in the year 2076. It’s even more oddball than CHS from what I’ve seen.

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