The Manga Shelf: MiXiM 11

May is an important month for me, my birthday is in May, my father’s birthday is in May, Anime North happens in May. So to celebrate the month of May I am going to review 4 complete manga series by one of my favourite Mangakas Anzai Nobuyuki. To conclude the month we are looking at the manga I followed on a weekly basis from beginning to end, MiXiM 11.


The Facts are These:

The story follows Matsui Ichimatsu, Haruno Koume and Sanguubashi Takezou, these guys have one thing in common, despite their looks they are extremely unpopular with girls. These boys find a strange girl who claims she is an alien and what does it have to do with the Polaris star?


MiXiM 11 is a different story than Flame of Recca and MAR, where those two were based heavily on magic, this series focuses on space, with the magic of the stars. The story had a different feel than his previous two works, but it had the same visual charm they had as well. MiXiM 11 is an interesting series that focuses on the theme of Nobuyuki’s manga where people can only gain power through special magical items, but there are certain groups of people who do not need these magic items to gain power. The example from this manga is the Constellation princesses who are protected by their designated constellation, to compare to his previous works Flame Masters of the Hokage Clan in Flame of Recca and People from another world in MAR, though in this manga it is not as strong as the previous entries.

Our Main Protaginists

Our Main Protaginists

Behind the Scenes:

This is an original series created by Nobuyuki Anzai, his other works include Rocket Princess, Flame of Recca and Marchen Awaken Romance. This series was published by Shogakukan in the magazine Shuukan Shounen Sunday staring in 2008. This manga has not been adapted into an anime at this time nor has it been licensed in North America.

Holy Shit MAR and MiXiM 11 are connected!

Holy Shit MAR and MiXiM 11 are connected!

A Brief View of the World:

MiXiM 11 takes place in modern day Japan, though their reality is different from our own. In their universe the stars are planets and none shine brighter than the Polaris Star. The series does not visit the Polaris star much, but instead Kachob the star where the villains are located. In this world you are able to make connections to certain constellations and in turn they will grant you powers, depending on the item they are imbued into.

Ichimatsu's PUPPET POWER!

Ichimatsu’s PUPPET POWER!


The series is abound with Nobuyuki Anzai’s creativity, making it a fun and interesting experience. With his interesting art style and characters it is a good manga for anyone to read. Though MiXiM 11 is not as strong as MAR and Flame of Recca, it is still a great series to read and have fun with.


This series is the shortest of his modern works, though it is over a hundred chapters. If you enjoy Nobuyuki’s work you will probably reread it, thought it isn’t as good a MAR.




Mx0 – For an interesting story about magic and potential.


Psyren – For a great Science Fiction story with depth.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Nobuyuki Anzai and Shogakukan.


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