TokusatsuRIDER: Kamen Rider Fourze


The Facts are These:

Amanogawa High School is like any other school, but it has a secret room in a locker. This locker leads to the a space station on the moon. In this station you can find the Fouze Driver and the Astro Switches, with these items you can transform in Kamen Rider Fourze. Meet Gentaro Kisaragi, the new kid at school and this future Kamen Rider Fourze.


This series is a slice of life anime, but a drama and with action and the monster of the week. It is fun to watch with the cast all being likeable and the action being great as always. It is a Kamen Rider series so you can expect great action choreagraphy. This series is more humorous with the comedy of school life mised with the problems of the impending doom of world destruction. This series is fun to watch, comparing it to other Heisei Kamen Rider shows it is great.

The members of the Kamen Rider Club

The members of the Kamen Rider Club

Behind the Scenes:

The series was written by Kazuki Nakashima, Riku Sanjo and Keiichi Hasegawa. Kazuki Nakashima has worked on Gurren Lagann, Oh! Edo Rocket and Kill La Kill, with Kamen Rider Fourze being his first and only work with Tokusatsu. Riku Sanjo has worked on Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider Drive. Keiichi Hasegawa has worked on Ultra Galaxy Mega Moster Battle, Ultraman Nexsus and Ultraman Dyna. The series was directed by Koichi Sakamoto, whose previous works include Kamen Rider W and works for MMPR Productions, where he works on the stunt coordination for the Power Ranger series. The term Fourze roughly means Forty, but it is also a combination of the words Four and Zero. The series is does this because this show celebrates the 4oth anniversary of Kamen Rider.

The opening of the show is “Switch On” by Anna Tsushiya. Here it is for you to enjoy…


A Brief View of the World:

The world of Kamen Rider Fourze is a science fiction world where there exists man made portals over long spaces and sciences has developed suits that are powered by the energy of the stars. Other than that the world is normal and ordinary with the exceptions of the Zodiarts. Being that are embued with power from the constellations turning into monsters.




The show is fun with a great cast and interesting story. The amount of flexibility with the suit transformations is huge, making combat just switching to the right items attacking the enemy and killing it. Or using the conveniently developed that episode switch that is the perfect for destroying the enemy. The show is fun though it gets repetitive.


Like all Kamen Rider series with their long runtime, only rewatch the show if you enjoy it. They are long and if you were the biggest fan of this iteration then don’t sink your time into it again.




Kamen Rider Gaim – For a great Kamen Rider series, with interesting ideas and a magnificent story.


Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger – The one and only Super Sentai series I have watched to completion with a great story and fun characters.



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  1. Keatle says:

    Hi! I’ve just nominated you for the Sunshine Award (sorry if you’ve already received it):

  2. SPACE ON YOUR HAND! I love Fourze, it’s second only to W on my list of Kamen Rider series’

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