The Manga Shelf: Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)


The Facts are These:

Amano Yukiteru, a young boy who does not have friends, though he has his imaginary friends, Deus Ex Machina and Mur Mur. One day Deus Ex Machina changes Amano’s phone, this phone tell him the future of what happens around him. Now he must fight against other Future Diary users and what is wrong with the girl Yuno Gasai.


Mirai Nikki is an interesting manga, with the concept of the Deus Ex Machina an actual character. In storytelling the Deus Ex Machina is plot a device where an unsolvable problem is solved through intervention by a new character, item or an event. This is used by many story tellers to move a story along and progress towards the finally. This manga is interesting and underwhelming at the same time. The ending feels unjust for the world we have been thrown into and the stakes that have been made. The characters are bland and they do not show any appeal after their initial introduction. The mystery of the two main protagonist and the event that they have been trapped in loses it interest after a while.

The Other Diary Holders

The Other Diary Holders

Behind the Scenes:

The manga is an original series written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. His other works include Hanako and the Terror of Allegory and Big Order. This series was published by Kadokawa Shoten in the magazine Shonen Ace from January 26, 2006 to January 27, 2010, running for 12 volumes. The series was licensed in North America by Tokyopop , though lost the license only producing 10 volumes; it is now licensed by VIZ Media. The manga has three spin-off manga each lasting 5 chapters except for the last. Future Diary: Mosaic follows Minene Uryu and shows plot left from the original release. Future Diary: Paradox follows the character Aru Akise in an alternate universe. The final spin-off manga is Future Diary: Redial, it contains 2 chapters and fills in information, improving the ending.

Oh, Yuno and Yuki are he worst pairing and drag the story down.

Oh, Yuno and Yuki are he worst pairing and drag the story down.

A Brief View of the World:

The world of Mirai Nikki is ruled by the God called Deus Ex Machina. This world is decided by him and he rules over the past, present and future. Other than that the world is of modern day Japan with terrorism and mayors with too much power.

When the end is near for a Future Diary holder their diary will say DEAD END.

When the end is near for a Future Diary holder their diary will say DEAD END.


The story has a good concept and some of the characters can be interesting. The mystery behind the characters and what has lead them to where they are at that moment was cool. Though the story gets tiresome with twist and turns, to the point where you begin to expect everyone to have a false side to them. That may be interesting when done correctly, but with it done continuously it drags the story. I understand that Yuno and Yuki are supposed to be two people who are attracted to each other because of their misfortunes, but I do not see any chemistry between them. When they are reunited in the end it feels like it does not matter whether they are together or not.


This manga is only 59 chapters and can be blasted through within a day. Though I would not recommend a reread on the basis that after I reread the manga it was not nearly as good as I remembered it and it caused me to become disappointed.




Death Note – Both are mysteries that may or may not involve a note book.

Death Note

xxxHolic – For an interesting episodic mystery manga.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Sakae Esuno and VIZ Media.


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6 Responses to The Manga Shelf: Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

  1. If you enjoyed this book series even in the slightest, you should definitely check out the anime adaptation. I’ve never read the book series, so it was cool to read your thoughts on things, but yeah, if you have the time the anime was pretty darn entertaining IMO.

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