Anime North: Friday – Day One of Convention


With the night over and the passes around our necks, we wake up in the afternoon to adventure to the first real day of the convention.

This is my first time going on Friday for the convention, because every year previously I purchased a Saturday Ticket. This year though is my first time going for all three days. The one thing I was excited the most about this day was the Nominoichi, which is a garage sale of Anime Related items. I hadn’t went before and I was hoping to walk out with some good deals and boy was I happy.


After waiting an hour for the shuttle bus we decided to walk to the convention centre. This walk only took us forty minutes.


I walked out that day with Katanagatari volume 1 which was not even one radar because it was out of print. The guys was asking around $100 and I haggled down to $75. I also got Gurren Lagann volume 1 which I have been looking for a reasonable price. I have the complete series of Gurren Lagann, but the first disc is corrupted so I can not watch the last two episodes on it. I got it for $5 with Shaman King volume 2, I had the first one and saw the second volume and had to grab it.

Sailor Titan!

Sailor Titan! Sorry for the blurry image was in a rush when I saw… it?

One of the coolest thing a I found was a large Porunga figure from Dragon Ball Z. I was rummaging through a bin of toys and snatched that without hesitation. At that same booth every year my friends and I purchase a surprise bag to see who can get the best bag. I liked the majority of the things in my bag, but it was not as good as previous years.

My haul for the first day of Anime North!

My haul for the first day of Anime North!

After that we went to Tucker’s marketplace for dinner. We ate and then visited a panel on a whim called Ultimate Werewolves. We played the game for five hours straight and it was a blast. We had fun that day and took a taxi back to the hotel room.


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8 Responses to Anime North: Friday – Day One of Convention

  1. Sunite says:

    That looks awesome!

  2. Sailor Titan freaks me out.

  3. Cassandra says:

    Ultimate Werewolves sounds interesting. Then again I love anything with werewolves.

  4. LitaKino says:

    Aww Yay !! You did a write up of your time there I was excited to see this 🙂
    Sounds like Day one was a blast I am glad 🙂

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