Here Comes the Anger Train: Why I am not going to watch Power Rangers Dino Charge


This is different from the normal Anger trains where I talk about anime, this one is based on Tokusatsu, specifically Super Sentai and its american counterpart Power Rangers. So all aboard the Anger Train!

I have to start this post off with stating that I love Power Rangers. I have been a fan of the show since I was a kid watching Mighty Morhpin Power Rangers Green with Evil 5 Part series, now that is a good arc. Anyway, when Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger began airing in 2013 I watched from the beginning to completion, because I wanted to try the japanese counterpart to the show I loved and what was better than one with dinosaurs.


Wise God Torin

Now here is where the rant begins because I have watched this first episode of the show and I am sorry if this is sounding shallow, but I can not stand their guide for the series in Dino Charge. In the Super Sentai version of the show the Power Rangers are lead by Wise God Torin (Seen Above). He is a wise and badass looking GOD, that is cool and I enjoyed him as a character in general.

The Keeper

The Keeper

Now though we see the Keeper (Seen Above), this monsterous half CG, half prostethics and half person makes him ugly to stare at. I am not saying the Wise God Torin animatronics are amzing, they are not, but at least they look better then the keeper. He does not seem to be the type of person to carry the mantle of the Silver Ranger, like Wise God Torin did in the show.

 Here is the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger opening…


I am not saying that Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger is perfect, the part I hated about the show most was Ramirez (fuck he is a terrible actor). The sentai felt like a power rangers show, with the Red Ranger getting his own battlizer in a sentai. That is unheard for the sentai because the battlizer was an American concept (Also the when he gets it, that moment is my favourite part of the show).

 Here is the Power Rangers Dino Charge Opening…


The Keeper does not look nor act like a good replacement for Wise God Torin. I do not want to continue to watch the show, it does not look as good and it probably won’t have the same feel as the Super Sentai version of the show. I am a fan of Power Rangers and was looking forward to the Power Rangers remake of a Super Sentai that I enjoyed, with seeing the first episode I am incredibly disappointed.


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