Here Comes the Anger Train: Military Anime!


Every Otaku’s wet dream. Moe + Tanks + Jurassic Park = Blockbuster Success!

I have always enjoyed military shows, the sense of brotherhood and the fighting for a larger cause. The idea that any character that you enjoy can die at any moment. Those shows are thrilling and keep you captivated in the programs. But Here Is My Problem!

When you watch anime, you have to accept that some show even if they do not need it may have supernatural or fantasy elements. Take Clannad, did we really need the Fuko arc where she was in a coma the whole time. No, it was an interesting and moving story, but I do not feel there was a need for supernatural elements in the romance show. It was unexpected and didn’t really add anything to the story. But I am getting off track.


For it is not an easy path to walk

Military anime always have a fantasy or supernatural twist. They can’t just make a real combat anime where the stakes are real. I understand that fantasy and supernatural elements add flair and makes the entertaining, but it takes away from the seriousness or war. There are some shows that do add military elements to the show, but these can be considered historical anime. Shows like Kingdom and Souten Kouro, where they focus on military, but this is done during the warring states period. To my knowledge there are very few current era military anime that are just straight normal military.

This anime is awesome and is just military tactics.

This anime is awesome and is just military tactics.

This is not to say that the supernatural, sci-fi or fantasy. These shows can be interesting with a compelling story, but why can’t they make a war anime, with just the war. Why can’t I enjoy a normal military anime… I just want it. Comment below if you know what I am talking about, or an anime that relates to it.


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14 Responses to Here Comes the Anger Train: Military Anime!

  1. JekoJeko says:

    IMO, ‘military’ anime are far more about emotional realism than militaristic realism. There simply doesn’t seem to be a market for the latter in Japanese anime; the style lends itself far more to experimentation, fantasy and hyperbole. So realistic war, with the feelings and ambitions that would follow, is represented in a fantastical manner in order to reach its audience.

    As for the aside, Clannad’s supernatural element is integral to the overarching plot, even if the anime does botch it in the end in comparison to the VN. It extends the show into themes of reaching beyond accepted boundaries for the sake of your love, which the whole underlying sequence with the girl and the robot help to further encapsulate. Some might not have enjoyed that element, but it’s there and works and many people have enjoyed it as part of the romance.

    Anyway, art is never about ‘need’. No show needs or doesn’t need supernatural elements – it’s all about what the artists wants and how the supernatural interplays with the realistic elements of the story, which are usually on a deeper level. Human, non-human or abhuman beings in normal or fantastical situations always share the same human experiences and emotions we do; it’s a tradition that dates back to ancient mythology, and it’s impossible for it not to still be alive today.

    • dandylion13 says:

      I completely get what you are saying and thank you for elaborating on Clannad, the show makes more sense with that explanation. My argument is that I would like to see a military anime set in modern times. There are many that are set in the past, future or filled with sci-fi elements, but not many set in the modern time. That being said I enjoy all of those military anime that are in those setting. For example Kingdom is one of my favourite series because of it’s characterizations and the amazing large battle we see. It is up to the author and artist what they want to make and I can’t change that. I was just saying that I would like a military anime with a modern setting. But you are right there is not much of a market for much I am asking, because it is as simple as adding some powers or upgrading the weapons to attract a larger audience. Thanks for the comment, I was probably just a bit angry when writing the post.

  2. shiroyuni says:

    I FEEL YOU. I haven’t actually watched much military anime, but I really love the genres of war and military in anime (sounds like I am contradicting myself here lol). I also feel quite cheated when there are supernatural elements involved – the only example i can think of that doesn’t have a supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi twist to it is Legend of the Galactic Heroes – which they (possibly?) win on battle tactics. (having said that, i have only watched an ova of the series)

    • dandylion13 says:

      Don’t worry it is a trek to even try and watch The Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I got to episode 5 and stopped, you need to dedicate some serious time to watch that series.

      • shiroyuni says:

        Its precisely because I know there’s a lot of time involved, that I am also hesitant on starting it. I would like to start it -proper- to give it the full attention it deserves but now I don’t know when there’ll come a time like that xD

      • dandylion13 says:

        Yeah, I want to watch it but it is such a long series and it will take an extremely long time

      • chrystea says:

        I was able to finish Legend of the Galactic Heroes some years ago. It is a very long show but I recommend a watch if you love that stuff. There’s a bit of space opera feel to it but mostly it revolved the two main characters and the tactics they employed. I love military shoes because people do actually die and there’s tension in the air. The show is very entertaining with the strategies involved. It does seem to drag on in some parts and hard to watch at times because of the lull especially the Kaiser stuff(Okita Sougo did a Parody in Gintama on it). But it does hit a groove during the battles. .

      • dandylion13 says:

        I’ve really wanted to watch it, but I haven’t had the time to commit to such a long series. It looks like it is going to be a great series, I just don’t have the time to watch such a long series.

  3. Arria Cross says:

    I’m not really a fan of military anime, but I enjoy them when I do watch them. Perhaps that’s why I can’t really relate to how you feel. I actually prefer that there are supernatural or fantasy elements in this kind of anime. I think this just shows the diversity of every individual’s preferences.

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