Seasonal Anime Atempt: Gangsta First Impression

[] Gngsta - 01 HD Underwater.mkv_snapshot_00.15_[2015.07.03_09.39.44]

Now it is time for the first seasonal anime attempt of the season because I am a Gangsta a straight up G when I’m done with you, you’ll know the letters A to Z!

The story revolves around Nicholas and Worick, two people of a group known as the Handymen. These guys are paid to do odd jobs that usually revolves around hurting or maiming other people. It takes place is an area that seems similar to Roanapur from Black Lagoon, a lawless area that is ruled by gangs and violence.

The three are now together forevesis!

The three are now together forevesis!

Worick is the businessman of the group who uses his charm to talk to the clients, and Nicholas is the deaf badass. Don’t be fooled by the deaf man in the group they are deadlier than you can imagine. Then there is their recent hire Alex, a former prostitute now secretary for the Handymen. The chemistry between the male protagonists seems to be interesting and I can’t wait to see more, but since this was Alex’s introduction episode there is not much known about her dynamic in the group.

The target for the episode Barry... Barry

The target for the episode Barry… Barry

The episode revolves around the elimination of a outside group run some by guy named Barry. Well, it ends how you expect, Barry and his whole group are killed except for one person Alex the Prostitute. She is hired by Nicholas and Worick to be their secretary. Show had a great way of subtly showing that Nicholas was deaf throughout the episode, for example in the beginning the phone was ringing and he did not pick it up. I thought he was just not paying attention, but it is not touched upon as to he didn’t pick up the phone. When you learn he is deaf it makes sense.

Even deaf Nicholas is a badass!

Even deaf Nicholas is a badass!

Overall, the episode was filled with action and reminded me a lot about Black Lagoon. I have to say from what the intro shows (which is possible bondage) the show is most likely meant for a mature audience, so take that into consideration when watching the show. I will most likely continue to watch the show.


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