Seasonal Anime Attempt: Rokka no Yuusha First Impression

[] Rkka no Yuusha - 01 HD HS.mkv_snapshot_00.41_[2015.07.04_20.52.08]

Another interesting anime that is coming out this season that I have no previous knowledge on.

In the past the was a woman known as the Saint of One Flower. With her powers she sealed the demon away, saying to the people that in the future six heroes will appear in the future bearing her mark and together they will seal the demon again. Rokka is a young man who in his attempt to show that he has the skill to be a hero disrupts a sacred ceremony and in sentenced to life imprisonment. With the demons return and him being chosen it is up to him and the six other heroes to defeat the demon.

All alone, no one here beside me. My struggles are my own.

All alone, no one here beside me. My struggles are my own.

This show looked really interesting, but the first episode did not help to cement an must watch continuation. The first episode felt that it was completely filled with exposition in order to get the audience up to speed. This is good because in the future we will know what to make of the storyline, but it doesn’t make the first episode impactful.

This fight scene was really fast spaced and kept your attention.

This fight scene was really fast spaced and kept your attention.

The show ad an amazing fight scene towards the begin which introduces us to the main protagonists fighting style and keeps you extremely interested. However, this is the only scene of real action in a show where the goal is to fight fiends and demons. It just feels that the first episode was majority exposition.

[] Rkka no Yuusha - 01 HD HS.mkv_snapshot_18.51_[2015.07.04_21.14.28]

The mark of the Six Flowers

So the first episode was not the strongest way to start, but the story it presented is enough that I want to continue to watch the show and see if it gets better. I think that it will be good, but I need to watch the second episode to get a final opinion.


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12 Responses to Seasonal Anime Attempt: Rokka no Yuusha First Impression

  1. Keatle says:

    Despite the huge amount of exposition, I loved the first episode of Rokka.
    It is actually the anime of this season that enjoyed the most. One thing that I found particularly interesting was the setting and its Aztecan/Mayan theme.

    • dandylion13 says:

      The aztec/ mayan theme was a really interesting choice. I want to see another episode of the show before I make a decision, but I believe it will be good.

  2. It really is an interesting anime tho.. it kinda gives me an impression that either one of them could be the demon king.. but I’m betting on the MC to be the demon king or the reincarnation of that woman, whatever it is, can’t wait to see more of this anime..

    • dandylion13 says:

      Yeah I think the fiery hair gives it away. It looks interesting, but I hope that one of them is not the demon king because that would be a bit clichéd. Also wasn’t the demon king some giant tentacle monster?

      • People may just made that up tho cuz other than the chosen ones, whoever ever saw the real demon king?

      • dandylion13 says:

        What about how the Fiends were made from the Demon Kings flesh? I don’t know I will watch the show more because I am confused.

      • yeah true that.. Because of the mysterious point that comes with this MC and the angsty ED, I will watch that show. I can’t stand being confused. Is this anime is an adaptation from a light novel or something?

  3. miharusshi says:

    In other words, this episode wasn’t a satisfying introduction. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to read the light novel of this but since the anime is out I think I’ll have to see the reactions to it before I pick up the LN.

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