Infinity Dreams Award Nomination


So the object of this award is that I have to talk about seven dreams of mine, so since they are dreams I am going to mix both dreams I have when I sleep and dreams as in future aspirations. So it is up to the reader to decide which is real and which isn’t. Also I want to thank and apologize to LitaKino. Thank you for the nomination and apologies for the late response. Without further ado here are my seven dreams.

1. I want to have a special ability, like the ability to attract and repel anything


I always thought this this was an interesting power. It didn’t say it like magnetism because that can be limited, but the way it is written it has a large versatility. Like repelling the sky and earth would allow you to fly.

2. I want my blog to have 1ooo followers


This was one of my goals from the start and I did not think that I would reach this many followers that I have now. I just want to see how far I can reach my blog by the end of it’s life.

3. I want to develop a manga series


This was always an interesting idea, I have so many ideas for stories that I would like to see developed for a manga series. I know not all the stories are good, but it would be a real accomplishment if I could do this.

4. I want to be a Kindergarten Teacher!


I am currently in school to do this sooo… Yeah. I mean if I really did not want to do this then I wouldn’t be in school to do it. I love hanging out with kids they are so innocent and fun to be with. It is always just fun to be around them. I know it is a different environment to control them, but I have done co-op and internships in kindergarten classes and it has always been fun.

5. I want to win the lottery


I want all the MONEY!

6. I want to have a collection of over 1000 movies


This would be an awesome show piece. I love collecting movies, it is just something I do, but if I could amass a large collection like that, I think it would verify all the money I have spent on it.

7. I want to make a giant statue made of ice that recreates the final battle of Gurren Lagann.

Gurren Lagann Misc

This is a no brainer, who doesn’t want to do this?

Nominee Time!

Nikki no Otaku

Anime Vios

The Reviewer’s Corner


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15 Responses to Infinity Dreams Award Nomination

  1. LitaKino says:

    attract and repel anything ️hehe ‘girls’ I totally forgot I did this award anyway I like your 7th dream hAha that was a great battle πŸ˜€

  2. josefcd904 says:

    Yes for that last one, never really saw Gurren Lagann but yes.

  3. Dreams 1,2,3,5 and 6 are great ones to have. I hope you reach that 1,000 followers mark, too, and that you become the coolest teacher! About that seventh one, hmm, I have not seen the anime yet, sadly, but that sounds epiccccc.

  4. I want to make a chocolate statue depicting a scene from Bible Black.

  5. animated says:

    Number 7 is awesome!! XD Best of luck achieving all your wishes, especially hitting 1000!! πŸ˜‰

  6. miharusshi says:

    Seems like the 1000 follower mark isn’t too far off πŸ˜€ You’re running an amazing blog now. Just keep writing and new people will always find it.

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