Does Bleach need to End?

Bleach ending

I am a fan of Bleach, having enjoyed the show since it aired on YTV. The question is though, does Bleach need to end?

Bleach should have ended after the Arancar arc and here is why. The ending of the Arancar arc cemented Ichigo’s character. Ichigo was no longer a soul reaper this made it a fitting time to end the series. Since he no longer had the powers he could not do the job of a soul reaper though he still had the lessons he learned as well as the combat experience. He matured from the rash boy that did everything he wanted, though he has his code. To a mature battle hardened soldier, understanding the consequences of life and how precious his friends and families are.

Sure his new Bankai is cool, but it is just added flair.

Sure his new Bankai is cool, but it is just added flair.

By continuing the story what did we really gain. The knowledge that he acquired his powers back. Okay that is interesting and all, but after that there is no real purpose to the continuation. As I write this the final arc which makes the Quincies the enemies again is currently being published. All this arc introduced is new powers for Ichigo (which are not going to be as strong as the Final Getsuga Tensho) and a more prominent role for the soul king. This is cool and all but this seems to be all fluff added to sell more and make the series more money.

How do you leave Aizen for someone else after all this build up?

How do you leave Aizen for someone else after all this build up?

Tite Kubo is an interesting author I have read his previous work Zombie Powder when it was released in North America. Tite Kubo knows how to make flashy powers and great looking fights, but in general I can not remember a thing about Zombie Powder’s story. Bleach would have had an actually interesting ending, but to make more money and continue to make fans happy who don’t care what happens as long as something happens the series continues.

This was a great place to end on!

This was a great place to end on!

I am a fan of bleach I read the manga and used to watch the show. I have just grown tired of it like I did with Naruto towards the end. Which it is funny how Naruto still has an anime and has stopped publication but Bleach is being currently published and its anime is finished. I know that bleach is going to end after this arc because the creator stated that, I hope it is not over drawn out and they give it a classy ending. I felt though the ending of the Arancar arc would have been an appropriate place to end the series. That is just my opinion though what do you think.


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23 Responses to Does Bleach need to End?

  1. Speaking as a manga fan myself, I like neat endings. No loose ends.

    If Bleach had ended after the Aizen fight, with Ichigo powerless, then it wouldn’t be a neat ending without loose ends. Readers would want to know if Ichigo will ever get his powers back and how is he going to live his life from then on etc.

    It would be a different story if he resigned from being a Shinigami with his powers intact. That would be Ichigo exercising his own free will. We can deal with that. But since he lost his powers right after the Aizen fight, we the readers absolutely must know what happens next.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Your right, but I think it should have ended there with maybe an epilogue chapter where we see everyone where they are after a couple of years. Then we cut to Ichigo looking on the ground to see a spirit to realize that his powers are coming back slowly, but surely. I think that would have been a nice ending. Yeah it ending it right there would have been abrupt, but it could still have been an okay ending.

  2. zaktaku says:

    I really liked Bleach as a series, and I felt this as one of the many prominent problems wrong with the series. It feels like they were just padding the ending, and I gave up the anime after Aizen was beat completely.

    However, as I look back, I just have memories of kinda bad and cheesy filler arcs, plagues our favorite shonen jump anime. I hated bleach’s fillers, especially the bounts and all of the one off episodes that tried to be funny that really weren’t.

    I wish anime and manga writers would just know when to end their mangas when they can. Sometimes it just feels forced

    • dandylion13 says:

      The Bount arc was terrible, when I was first watching bleach I tried to read the manga to find out what was left in the arc to see it was all filler. An entire arc was filler that is ridiculous and the story was okay at the most.

      On the other hand I find One Piece’s arcs to be okay, sure there are a lot of them, but that is because it has been going on for so long. I know that the rumors say that the One Piece manga is supposed to continue for another ten years. So at least we know that he has a majority of the story planned out.

      • zaktaku says:

        Most shonen jump anime do filler, especially the ones with episodes ranging into the 100s. I accept it, begrudgingly (if they run out of manga material, why don’t they take a season break, like Attack on Titan?) But out of all shonen jump anime, Bleach has some of the worst. All I gotta say is the bount arc, and the one off episodes that have absolutely nothing with the established narrative. I don’t know about the manga, but the anime got ruined for me with all the filler

  3. This is what happens with many popular manga. The writer has an idea in mind, but when the series becomes a hit they have to extend the story beyond the planned ending. Sometimes they can pull it off, but other times the franchise becomes stale.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Yeah like Naruto towards the end of its run I was literally only reading it because I wanted to know how it was going to end. I had invested so much time into reading it I deserved to know how it would end. That is sad because I wasn’t reading it because it was interesting and great, but because I felt I deserved to know after all this time.

      • I think that is why I normally shun overly long shows. I don’t want to be blackmailed into watching something that gets stale just by the time I have previously dedicated to it. The same thought process explains why some people will stick to MMOs they no longer love.

  4. Rocco B says:

    I’m also a bleach fan (anime only) so to read some of the chapters of the 1000 blood arc is actually pretty good. It gives more exposition dump as to who is the soul king (and by extent soul society), more back drop to Ichigo and Uryu history. This arc is going to wrap everything up. And hopefully it won’t disappoint.

    • dandylion13 says:

      I really hope I get a decent ending after dedicating all this time to reading and watching the series if it is some lame ending like the original Inuyasha show then I will probably lose my shit.

  5. Sunite says:

    I gotta mentioned that as a huge fan of Bleach, I want the show to continue as long as it can. Kubo has the image of making the show one way and having different parts such as hollows and Quincy’s and so on. And after the Arrancars arc, only half of it was covered. Plus i really would have wanted the series to continue and have a bigger fullbringer arc since it originally based on Chad, as arrancar on Orihime, soul society on Rukia and Quincy arc on Ishida.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Yeah during each of those arcs Ichigos literally gains the power of the villain in each arc. In shounen’s the hero is always powering up, shows that do it right like One Piece where Luffy has gained 4 new skills in the span of 18 years, while Ichigo gains one during every arc, Bankai, Vizard, Fullbringer, new Zanpakto and now he is a qunicy. I just feel that it is getting tiresome. I know this somewhat of a rant it was just getting on my nerves. Sorry about that. Though they are cool and some arcs could have helped by being extended, the series feels like it has gone on longer then it should have.

  6. Lazarinth says:

    Hey man, recognized your avatar on The Artifice website and remembered I was already following your blog so I assumed you got recommended as well. Oh well, I just got published on there so I’ll make sure to read and approve if you do a post anything on it.

    What I think puts Bleach into perspective lengthwise is that Tite Kubo was heavily inspired by Akira Toriyama and Dragon Ball Z’s 3 sagas by 3 arcs story format. Using this format one can drag out the story structure of any anime by a series of drawbacks, training montages and minor villains. What confuses me is that this story format ended at the ‘fake karakura town’ season but it still continued on even after the main villain was defeated. As you say, it probably was because of the money.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Thanks for the approve I will be sure to do the same for you when I get published. Yeah the money can taint a good story, they have lose the one main villain present throughout the story and now it is just some other guy, it is not as climatic if it ends now as if it ended with the defeat of Aizen.

  7. Yep. Everything after Aizen looks forced and padded. Ichigo’s power development became more and more ridiculous with every arc.

  8. rjamesd9 says:

    I don’t really care about the length of a series, just that the quality is consistent.

  9. amarawilde says:

    I never got into the show, but lots of people seemed to love it so I respect it. It’s been on for a long time it seems. It’ll be the end of an era if it’s over.

  10. jimbelton says:

    I’ve only watched the Xcution arc so far, since I prefer to wait for the dub. It didn’t really add much, and I found the ending a bit forced. For me, the first visit to the Seireitei is still the best arc of the whole series. The Arancar arc did bring the series to a satisfying conclusion. That said, the Xcution arc was superior to the Bount arc and far better than the ShÅ«suke arc, which I don’t consider worth watching at all.

  11. Soradanza says:

    To be fair, I only bought bleach up to volume 48, which is basically the end of Aizen, and Ichigo losing his powers. I didn’t like Fullbring arc, and while I have mixed opinions on the Thousand Years Blood War arc, I won’t buy any of it. Bleach ended the moment Aizen got wrecked and Ichigo lost his powers.

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  13. Erised Moon says:

    I completely agree! I was pretty annoyed that they didn’t end it after the Arrancar arc, and that’s coming from a fan.

  14. myrealnameiskitsune says:

    I agree. The fangirl in me wanted it to keep going because I was obsessed with how awesome the show had been, but it would have felt like proper closure with Ichigo just becoming a normal human again. I did like the end stories, but now with Ichigo having powers again, I want to watch his story forever and it’s kind of unsettling that way.

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