Quick Bargain Hunting: Breath of Death VII – The Beginning

I originally made this as a just post for another blog, but that blog seems to have died so I’m posting it here!

Breath of Death VII

Quick Bargain Hunting is where I give a first impression on a game that I got for real cheap and just give you an overall idea whether it was a good buy. This series is by by me, DandyLion13, I run the blog Viewer’s Discretion is Advised where I do weekly anime reviews as well as posts on another random topic every week.

Games Title: Breath of Death VII – The Beginning

Platform: PC (Via Steam), XBOX 360 (Via Indie Store)

Price: $3.29 (Combined with another game)

Purchase Here: Steam Page

In a world ruined by the apocalypse zombies, skeletons and other ghoulies survived and developed the world into what it is today.  However, when evil arrives it is up to four warriors to join together to bring peace back to this post apocalyptic world.

Zelda Reference? Hmmmm....

Zelda Reference? Hmmmm….

This game is a full homage to the old JRPG’s on the NES. We have the grinding and the battle system of Dragon Warrior or Dragon Quest (Whatever title you prefer) in there.  However it is done is a more streamlined and less stressful way. You can save wherever you like from the menu and you can speed up your character, making the grinding much less infuriating than the games of old.

The Battle System is so Retro it brings back memories.

The Battle System is so Retro it brings back memories.

What this game has going for it is that it has a great sense of humor. The games characters are entertaining, cracking jokes or making funny remarks. In the very beginning of the game a ghost tells your character DEM about the stats and what each stat means. DEM responds, with “I’m a Battle Hardened Warrior, I already knew those thing.” It is funny because he is right, he wouldn’t need someone to tell him something a warrior already knew.

Overall, it is a very fun game and if you are looking for an interesting new JRPG to play definitely check it out.


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One Response to Quick Bargain Hunting: Breath of Death VII – The Beginning

  1. Good hunting, mate! Your new series reminds me a lot of my series and persona “The Bargagain Hunter”.

    Keep up the good work!

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