Giveaway FIVE Qidian Invitation Codes


Giveaway is closed because codes are not a thing on the website anymore

So I haven’t posted for a long time, even though I promised I would, but life has been pretty hectic because I am in the process of moving, finishing college, writing my thesis and living my life. Because of that I have had to put somethings on the back burner which included this blog. For that and the lack of communication I apologise.

Anyway that is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to giveaway FIVE invitation codes for Qidian International because for some reason I was sent 7 codes instead of the 1-2 you can usually get, lucky me I guess. So I decided to share the love and give two away, because I gave one to a friend and used the other.

One of my previous posts on this blog was one of my newest obsessions which was light novels and since then this obsession has only become bigger. So I wanted to share my love of light novels with everyone who reads here.

To get the code all you have to do is…
– Follow my blog
– Like this post
– Leave a comment about why you want the code and what is your favourite light novel on the website.

The Contest will be open for Two weeks starting the April 22, 2017 and ending May 5, 2017. I will randomly choose FIVE people to receive these codes.

I wanted to say that in order to use the website you do not need a code, but a code allows you to write reviews, rate the novels, keep track of where you were previously in the novel and possibly more in the future because this is WEB 1.0 for the website. I hope whoever will win enjoys it because it just makes the experience on the website a little easier.


About dandylion13

I mostly talk about anime, and whatever I feel like on another day. So come on down and read a review!
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4 Responses to Giveaway FIVE Qidian Invitation Codes

  1. lightblade97 says:

    I would like a code please, since i’ve started reading several of the novels on the site, and I want to be able to track them.

    My favorite novel on the site that I’ve read so far is Gourmet Food Supplier 👌

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