My Top 30 Anime

Here are my Top 30 Favourite anime, if you don’t see your favourite anime on the list it means I either haven’t seen it or did not like it as much as you. Either way this is my Top 30, not the definitive list, just my favourites.

Updated: February 8, 2015

30. Dragon Ball Z – One of the first anime that I watched that got me into anime, though I didn’t realize it was an anime at the time.


29. Toradora – One of my favourite romance anime that makes me always give a shoujo anime a try.


28. Eyeshield 21 – A fun sports anime that got me pumped when I played football and still gets me pumped when I watch it.


27. Fullmetal Alchemist – An amazing anime where we see the use of alchemy in a different way then what was previously conceived. It has great characters and amazing characters. (P.S. This is for both series).


26. Great Teacher Onizuka – This is the anime that made me want to become a teacher, because I wish I had a teacher like him when in school


25. Golden Time – Another great romance anime by the creator of Toradora. It has a fun cast dynamic and is overall just interesting to watch.


24. Yu Yu Hakusho – A great anime from my childhood that I decided to throw on this list. It has great action and a compelling story. As a kid I was glued to the screen wondering what was going to happen next.


23. One Outs – This badass baseball anime, show how mental the sport is and how greedy people are. The psychological warfare and the characters make this an awesome show.

One Outs

22. Samurai Champloo – A fun hip hop rapping samurai anime made by the creator of Cowboy Bebop. It has fun characters and an interesting soundtrack.


21. xxxHOLIC – An interesting story of the mystic elements of life and how they can be affecting us. It is a moral with showing us that what we truly want may not be what we need.


20. Amagi Brilliant Park – For a fun anime that keeps having a good time. The characters and the goofy situations keep you coming back for more. It is a great anime that will keep you having fun.


19. Rainbow – A compelling anime that allows you to watch the lives of these youth. You see them atone for their crimes and try and adapt to life as an adult and out of prison. The anime finishes with no conclusive ending, but you can read the manga to keep up to date with the story.


18. Trigun – An amazing cast, with a story that gets deeper as you progress. The anime that seems to originally take place in the past, but actually takes place in the far distant future.


17. No Game No Life – A great psychological anime. In the show you know that the protagonists are going to win. The fun is trying to figure out what loophole or strategy they are going to use to beat their opponent.


16. Fate/Zero – A amazingly animated show that has great action. The story is better the the sequel that came out in 2006 and a remake of that 2006 series came out in 2014.


15. The Law of Ueki – A different shounen show that is fun to watch. The characters are similar to some shounen tropes, but it has a fun story and powers.


14. Cowboy Bebop – A great space western, with great characters and how they move forward. They live day by day, bounty from bounty, with some great episodic stories and action.


13. Death Note – An interesting anime with a a supernatural psychological thrill to it.


12. Digimon – How could I not put my childhood on here. This show is way better than Pokemon and because of its impact on my youth it deserves a spot on this list.


11. Mushishi – A relaxing anime, with a great atmosphere and an interesting world.


10. Black Lagoon – A bad ass anime where blood, bullets and carnage rule supreme.


9. Shiki – A good vampire anime that has a creepy atmosphere. The story is dark and keeps you wondering the mystery of why this is happening and why are they doing it. 


8. Log Horizon – Way better then Sword Art Online and .Hack. A show that focuses on being stuck in a virtual world, but the way it is told and the character are more interesting than others in this genre.


7. Katanagatari – An epic anime with hour long episodes, a journey with interesting art and fun characters.


6. Kemono no Souja – An amazing cast of characters as we see Erin’s life and how she has grown and become firm in her ways.




4. Eureka Seven – Romance and Mech’s go together life oil and air… but this show does it well and has great character development throughout the series.


3. Baccano! – A fun and interesting show that has a compelling story about immortality. The characters are awesome and the way that the story is told to us is done in a way that always keeps your interest.

Shorewood Standard Ocard1

2. Martian Successor Nadesico – A parody on the mech genre that is fun to watch and has an amazing cast. The story is run by its great story and awesome characters.


1. Gintama – This show always makes me laugh and I can always talk about it with my friends. It is a fun show that when it wants to can have a deeper story than you that with some great action scenes.



22 Responses to My Top 30 Anime

  1. dreager1 says:

    All right, I’ve seen 6/30 of those and if you count titles where I’ve only read the manga, then it increases to about 10-12. Not bad if I do say so myself, since I don’t watch a whole lot of mainstream titles. I typically fall back on the classic fantasy (Slayers) or Shonen Jump titles myself. I was surprised to see Nadesico there, it was definitely a pretty fun show. Solid list you got there! Beyond my top 3 (Yugioh GX>Digimon Savers>Cardfight Vanguard) it gets a little tough to decide for me.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Yeah it is always tough to decide the top ones. I only chose Gintama as the top because I always had such a fun time watching the show. If it was anime that I felt was truly great Martian Successor Nadesico would be the top one.

  2. The Chosen One says:

    Great Teacher Onizuka was funny as hell. And yes, Digimon was my childhood too, especially the first season.

  3. I’m not big into anime per say, but I figured you would have put Dragon Ball Z ahead of Digimon.

  4. Thanks a bunch for following our blog!!!


  5. wendi711 says:

    I really need to watch some of these; they sound really good, btw. I’ve heard of a few of them… I really need to get out more haha 😀

    • dandylion13 says:

      Some of my stuff may be obscure stuff I stumbled upon but i enjoy it. Thanks for the comment

      • wendi711 says:

        Btw, I was wondering cos I didn’t see any of the more popular manga or anime in your top 30s. What was it u didn’t like about maybe naruto, bleach, one piece, etc?
        It’s just surprising cos that’s the stuff “everyone likes”

      • dandylion13 says:

        I enjoy reading Bleach, wasn’t the biggest fan of Naruto, though I love One Piece. On the Top 30 Lists I didn’t add ongoing series, with the exception of one manga because I don’t feel that I have gotten the complete story nor can I make an accurate opinion with no ending to judge.

      • wendi711 says:

        Well, I guess that’s true.

  6. Bakemonochan says:

    Great list! I like most of the anime you’ve listed here.

    Listing your favourite anime is a great idea. I’ll do that too now 🙂

  7. Glad to see Baccano is getting the proper respect it deserve

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  9. richardkmoe says:

    Whoooo! Gintama #1!

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