Valkyria Chronicles: Bring on the WAR!


The Facts are These:

In a country that resembles 1930’s Europe, the country is divided into two main forces, The Imperial Forces and the Federations. The story takes place in the neutral country Gallia and follows Welkins and Alicia, with their fight against the war in the militia group, Squad 7.

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Let’s Talk About Them: Manu Bennett


Well, I had the rare opportunity to sit down and attend a question and answer session with the actor Manu Bennett. I thought what was better that releasing this Q&A session in a biography about him.

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Some Old Posts


So my friends and I are thinking of doing a Podcast and it got me thinking that I will need to get a website for it. So because of my train of thought I was looking through some of my old posts and found two unpublished posts. So I will post one this week and one next week. I have been thinking I might want to start blogging again, but school is the higher priority. If I did start blogging again, it would be at a smaller capacity. So look out for some old for me but new for you posts.

EDIT: Actually found a couple more already done posts so those will come out once a week like the two I already found.

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A Long Goodbye


This has been fun as I was active on WordPress. I made a lot of interesting friends and enjoyed talking about anime and my other hobbies. Though this was just a hobby, I did this for fun and for now I am going to stop this blog. I really enjoyed writing this blog every week and the interesting discussions I had with people about their favourite shows. I really enjoyed writing this blog is what I’m trying to convey. However, with my full-time school schedule and work I do not have the time that I used to have when writing this blog.

This blog will never leave me it has changed the way I watch shows or play games. I have more of a reviewers mindset looking at the problems a show may have or what really works. I play closer attention to what I read, my editing and grammar have improved (Though I am still not the greatest). This blog has changed me and I truly believe for the better. I do believe one day I will comeback and continue this blog, but for now this long goodbye ends. I gained 500+ followers and had a blast doing it. So thank you everyone and until next time,

Have a Dandy Day!

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Does Bleach need to End?

Bleach ending

I am a fan of Bleach, having enjoyed the show since it aired on YTV. The question is though, does Bleach need to end?

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Time for a Break!

This will be me for a while

This will be me for a while

Hey everyone I am just letting you all know that I won’t be updating the blog for the next little while. I will most likely return towards the end of September. I haven’t had a break from blogging for a while and I and will be returning to school in a couple weeks. So I decided I will just enjoy the rest of the vacation while I have it. I may do a post about Hearthstone during or after the break, but that depends on how I feel. I want to thank everyone who reads my blog on a weekly basis, I apreciate ever single one of the comments and followers I have. I promise that I will return energized with much more content for you to enjoy.

Thanks again and See you soon.

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Who’s That Person? It’s… John Munch


From Law and Order SVU, or was he around before that show…

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Zero no Tsukaima Season 1: This Guy Knows What He’s Talking About


The Facts are These:

Louise is a magician at Tristein Academy, though she is not the best magician there. Actually she is the worst, with her nickname being Zero Louise. When the Academy lets the students summon their familiar, Louise summons a human from another world, named Saito Hiraga. This is unheard of, only in legends has this happened, so what is so special about Saito and Louise.

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The Manga Shelf: Defense Devil


The Facts are These:

Mephisto Bart Kucabara is a lawyer of the underworld saving the souls of people who were wrongly sent to hell. He does this to gain an energy called “Dark Matter.” With the help of his friend Bichura, he saves the lives of wrongly convicted souls. But, why was he banished from the Demon World.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: The Seven Sins are BACK!

full metal alchemist

The Facts are These:

Edward and Alphonse Elric lost their mother and to bring her back they commit a taboo for alchemists, Human Transmutation. This failed with Edward losing an arm and a leg and Alphonse losing his body. Now they are trying to find the Philosopher Stone the only thing that may be able to get them their bodies back.

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