My Top 30 Manga

This is my Top 30 Favourite Manga, keep in mind that these manga aren’t in order from best to least best. The numbers have to real meaning than no list them.

1. Koe no Katachi – A beautiful romance manga that is deeper and tells a story that is more than just a romance. It talks about prejudice and pain of someone with a disability has.


2. Eatman – A unique Sci-fi fantasy manga that tells a new story every couple of chapters, but with always the main character, Bolt Crank.


3. Ares – A great war and action manga that has deep and interesting characters. The art matches the story and the tone the manga achieves.


4. Kingdom – The only currently ongoing manga on this list, that I have loved since chapter one. An interesting manga that tells the tale of a boy that rises from being a slave into a Great General under the Heavens.


5. Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer – This manga is obscure and wonderful manga that shows you all it will contain in the beginning making you read it over again to truly understand it.


6. Parasyte – A great seinen manga that has a captivating sci-fi story that keeps you guessing to what will happen in the end.


7. Akumetsu – Violence in other manga does not compare to this story where the violence has a purpose and a reason. This anarchist manifesto will keep you entertained till the last chapter.


8. Shibatora – This manga hits home for me because I work with children. This is a great and interesting look into youth crime.


9. MAR – For an whimsical yet serious manga that takes you to the edge of fantasy. With great characters and setting this is a must read for shounen.


10. Law of Ueki – A relatively unknown, but great shounen series. It has great action, interesting story and characters.


11. Psyren – I do not understand why this manga never got an anime. It has great characters and a story that keeps you wondering.


12. Alive: The Final Evolution – An amazing manga that deserves more attention from its great story to interesting art.


13. Cage of Eden – An amazing survival series that will keep you reading with the mystery of the island and how these people will survive.


14. Shaman King – My favourite series that I used to read every month when I got Shonen Jump to my door. It had great characters and an interesting world.


15. Holyland – An awesome underdog fighting manga that leaves you wondering at the end. With great characters and a deep story.


16. RRR – A great boxing manga that makes you love every moment of this fighting manga. You care for the characters and what will happen to them.


17. The Breaker – An awesome fighting manga that is full of great looking fight scenes and characters.


18. Dragon Ball – How could I not put the manga that used to read in the library at school. With awesome action and an interesting story this is a must read for any shonen fan.

cover (2)

19. Our Happy Time – A short romance manga filled with great emotions and feelings that deserve to be read.


20. My Girl (Sahara Mizu) – This is a great and heart warming slice of life manga. It is a pleasant read from beginning to end.


21. Lying Mii-kun Broken Maa-chan: Precious Lies – A short mystery manga the keeps you wondering and guessing about what really happened in the past.


22. Sanctuary – A mafia manga that is long, but has great characters and storyline.


23. Animal Land – From the creator of Zatch Bell come this quirky manga that is filled with much more emotion than you would have expected.


24. Bambino! – A great cooking manga that has interesting characters, story and situations. Every recipe they make, makes me want to go to an Italian restaurant.

bambino cover

25. Gokusen – A great high school manga filled with comedy, action and romance. It is a story that is interesting to read and doesn’t get stale.

690-89 - 97_ECNPP--Gokusen v10 c89 - 000-Cover.

26. Yu Yu Hakusho – An awesome fighting shounen series that makes you want to punch the person reading or watching the anime beside you from testosterone overload. Also has a great story in general.


27. Dororo – The only Osamu Tezuka work on this list because this is the only one I have read and it is great.

cover (1)

28. Jiraishin – This cold and calculating detective will do whatever it takes to solve that case and because of that makes you want to read and understand him more and more.


29. Angel Densetsu – This hilarious manga based on a simple misunderstanding will warm your heart and your funny bone.


30. Battle Angel Alita – A great looking and devised series that keeps you interesting from beginning to end.

cover (3)


3 Responses to My Top 30 Manga

  1. dahubbz says:

    I use to watch MAR when it came on tv. About a year ago I was trying to describe it to my brother but could not think of the name. Thank you for refreshing my memory.

  2. ian says:

    your top one manga 😀 the best ❤

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