Death Note Festival: Death Note (2006)

The new Death Note movie has arrived to Netflix and I decided that before I watched it I decided to watch the previous movies that were released in 2006 in order to see how both adaptation portrayed the story of Death Note.

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Top 10 Anime from the Early 2000’s That I Watched as a Kid!

Who remembers every Saturday morning waking up early to watch some Good Ol’ American Cartoons. Well, would it surprise you that most if not some of these show are actually redubbings of shows from Japan. Today we will be looking at many great anime from the early 2000’s that you may have watched as a kid on Saturday morning.


10). Monster Rancher

Based off of the video game of the same name, the story is about Genki, a young boy who has recently won a Monster Rancher tournament. As a prize he is awarded a CD that will unlock a special monster in the game. When he place the disc into his Playstation he is transported to the world of Monster Rancher. There he meets a girl named Holly who is trying to find the stone disc that contains The Phoenix, in order to defeat the tyrannical ruler Moo. Now Genki and Holly must travel to world in order to find the Phoenix and defeat Moo with the help of some other monsters the meet along the way.

This series was similar to Digimon in the sense that you could communicate with the monsters that you travelled with, but it was better because one person could tame more than one monster, making it similar to Pokemon in that sense. The series ran for 3 season with a total of 73 episodes. The series was funny and was the dream that every kid had. Being transported into a mythical land to tame monsters. In actuality you are more likely to be killed by said than actually tame it, though this is a kids cartoon, that was never going to happen. The video games were also a lot of fun, you could take random CD’s from around the house and place them in the Playstation. It would scan the CD and give you a random monster, which was pretty awesome and made you want to scan every disc you had.

The series is available for purchase from Discotek Media. Each season cost around $30 – $40 USD. Discotek Media has also released the complete series uncut in Japanese for $60 USD.


9). Hamtaro

The series centres around the pet hamster Hamtaro. His owner Laura has recently moved to another city, when she is away Hamtaro decides to explore around the city to see that group of Hamsters known as the Ham-Hams gather around a secret base built by the Hamster known as Boss. Now everyday is fun and exciting with his new gang of friends

The series contains a cast of cute and adorable hamsters doing cute and adorable things everyday. It is a fun and innocent show that can keep the kids entertained. When this show was airing all the kids who had hamsters wondered if their little buddies were having adventures like the Ham-Hams were. What made this show a hit around the sandbox was the merchandise you could get. The plushies, the toys, the video games, that made the show more and more popular with the younger kids. The show did not hit popularity that it had reached in Japan and was cancelled in the US.

The series was released by Viz Media, though it is currently out of print, with only five volumes with three episodes on each disc released. The DVDs range in price from $2 – $15 CAD. The first 105 episodes were dubbed by Viz, so you may be able to find those somewhere online.


8). Zoids: New Century

Zoids and humans work together in the modern age. Not for warfare, but to be used in competitive battles hosted by the Zoid Battle Commission. Together Liger Zero and his pilot Bit Cloud work together for Blitz Team in order to win their battles and to stop the Backdraft Group.

The show was similar to Gundam where pilots battle each other in giant robots. Though the show lacked a large scale and impactful backstory. It didn’t matter to the kids who just wanted to see giant mechanical animals battle it out. Though what really sold the show to all the kids was the toy line. The toys were awesome they were extremely detailed and fun to play with. Almost every kid had one of these awesome little plastics robots to battle the other kids with.

The series was released into 6 volumes, each volume containing 5-6 episodes, by Viz Media. The DVD’s are currently out of print and used DVD can cost around $20-$40 USD a volume. With sealed copies costing upwards to $80 USD.


7). Power Stone

The series follows Edward Falcon, one day his father sends him what looks like an old rock. When in actuality it is a Power Stone, a mythical stone said to bring about a miracle for the holder. When all seven stones are brought together it is said the user is allowed one wish. Now Falcon and his friends Rouge, Ryoma and Ayame must travel the world and collect these stone.

This series was like a shorter length Dragon Ball Z, with less serious fights and more goofy humor. What made this series so popular was the awesome fighting games it was based off of. The games allowed the audience to basically recreate any fight scene from the show. Though what killed the game was that it was on the Sega Dreamcast, which is a great system, but was not popular at the time.

This series was released into six volumes by ADV Films. With ADV Films out of business the DVDs are currently out of print. The DVDs can range in price for a used copy at $1-$40 CAD.


6). Shaman King

The series centres around Yoh Asakura, a boy born into a family of Shamans. One fateful day he meets the boy from his school named Morty, when he and Morty are attacked by the gangster Ryo, Yoh uses the local spirit Amidamaru to defeat him. Together with Amidamaru, he must become stronger to compete in the tournament known as the Shaman Fight that takes place once every 500 years, in order to gain the title Shaman King.

The series was what made an awesome Saturday morning cartoon, great fights, characters and funny jokes. The series was different from what was normally scene on TV, there are many shows where they fight with robots or just muscles. This show we saw these characters fight with spirits and gods. The prize for the tournament was that you became God for 500 years, the scale of the show was huge and that made it every bit as interesting. The series has several video games for the Gameboy Advance which made the show that much more fun.

The series was licensed by 4Kids, though the only released two volumes (a total of 6 episodes) on DVD. The DVD range from $10-12 CAD each for a used copy. Though you can find the complete series dubbed online.



The series revolves around spinning tops battling each other in an arena. Though some of these tops are special as they have been infused with the spirits of ancient beasts. The series focuses specifically on the character Tyson, and his teamates Ray, Kai, Max and Chief as their team The Bladebreakers travel the world competing in tournaments, to become the world champions.

This show made every kid at school go out and buy a Beyblade. These things were cheap and they allowed for a lot of customization allowing every kids to make his own unique Beyblade, this also led to each school having a black market for Beyblade parts, but that is for the teachers to handle. The only thing the toys were missing the giant ancient beast that sprout from the spinning tops, though we did have stickers of them. The show was awesome, but what made the show memorable was the toy.

The series is licensed by Hasbro and distributed by New Video Group. The complete series can be purchased for around $90 CAD off of Amazon.


4). Medabots

A young boy named Ikki has always wanted a Medabot. Medabots are small robots that consist of a Tinpet (Skeleton), armour and a Medal (Soul). One day when travelling down the river bank he happens upon a medal, that very same day his father gives him a command watch, which allows him to control a Medabot. When a group of delinquents start to bully his friend, Ikki goes out and buys a Medabot, named Medabee. Together they defeat the bullies, but they just can’t seem to get along.

This show was amazing we had cool robots with personalities operated by kids for tournaments. This show was also supported by the customizable toy line where you could replace arms and legs making a unique little plastic robot. It had a really good video game, which is still and awesome game to play on the Gameboy Advance and like everything at that time it had a mediocre trading card game. The show had a great concept with a lot of merchandise to go with it.

The series was licensed ADV and released in 12 volumes that are now out of print. These volumes can range in price from $1-$50 CAD for a used copy. Shout Factory did release Season 1 on DVD, though this is out of print as well and can range from $45-$100 CAD.

maxresdefault (1)

3). Cybersix

Lucas Amanto is just an average high school teacher by day, but by night he is the superheroine Cybersix. Her main focus is to stop Dr. Von Reichter and his son Jose, who attack the city with monsters and gain a liquid called Sustenance that they carry around. This liquid is what keeps her alive and gives her superhuman strength and speed.

This is probably the only show on the list that is not on her because it is supported by its merchandise. The show was such a well told story that every kid just sat down and watched the show knowing it was a good story. If you could compare it to another show it would be Batman: The Animated Series, except Cybersix is a bit more mature and easier to watch with its shorter length of 13 episodes.

The series has been released completely on DVD by Eastern Star for around $50 CAD. Which is great because it was not released on DVD before this, so the only way to watch it was to buy a pirated copy of it.


2). Yu-Gi-Oh!

The series centres around a young boy named Yugi Muto. When his archaeologist grandfather gives him a box containing The Millennium Puzzle, Yugi takes this challenge to complete the puzzle. When he completes the puzzle he awakens the spirit of an unknown Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh turns out to be incredible in all forms of games, though he is especially good at the Card Game, Duel Monsters. With the help of this Pharaoh, Yugi tries to become the best at Duel Monsters, and gain the title, The King of Games.

What made this show even better was the card game. You could go out and buy the same cards that the main characters were using in that very episode. That was incredible, they also produced the Duel Disk as toys, which allowed you to mimic the show even more. Though Yu-Gi-Oh! did not stop with just the trading card game the sold figures of the monsters that you had to assemble and made made side games based off of the card game. Examples of those games would be Dungeon Dice Monsters and Capsule Monsters.

The series is available from New Video Group, with each season available for around $45 CAD. You can also purchase The Complete Original Series for around $230 CAD.


1). Digimon

One day at summer camp it begins to snow and six children are sent to another world called The Digital World. There they meet up with Digital Monsters, or Digimon, telling the kids that they are there partners and that they are there to protect them. Now with the help of their Digimon they must save the world and and their world as well.

This show was like Pokemon, but even better. The Digimon that the kids walked around with communicated with them which allowed for more character building, which made the Digimon more relate able. Also what made the show even better was the Tamagotchi-like toy Digivice. The toy allowed us to capture Digimon, train them, take care of them and battle your friends. They also released miniature tradeable figurines and an awesome card game.

The series has been licensed by New Video Group, with each season of the show for sale at around $80 CAD. You can also purchase the Digimon Collection, which contains the first four seasons for around $220 CAD.

All the shows on this list started at the earliest in 1999. Some or most of these show did not end in the early 2000’s. The show on this list had started airing during the early 2000’s, but may not have ended during that time.

All DVD’s mentioned above are region 1, meaning that these DVD’s will work on DVD players from the United States, US Territories, Canada, Bermuda, and Caribbean.

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Hey I’m Coming Back for Real this Time

I know I have dropped off the radar for a while even though I said I was coming back. However, I have a reason since I left I have been working on my Thesis and it is almost done so Starting September 1st 2017. I am coming back to writing reviews. I will see you all then.

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Giveaway FIVE Qidian Invitation Codes


Giveaway is closed because codes are not a thing on the website anymore

So I haven’t posted for a long time, even though I promised I would, but life has been pretty hectic because I am in the process of moving, finishing college, writing my thesis and living my life. Because of that I have had to put somethings on the back burner which included this blog. For that and the lack of communication I apologise.

Anyway that is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to giveaway FIVE invitation codes for Qidian International because for some reason I was sent 7 codes instead of the 1-2 you can usually get, lucky me I guess. So I decided to share the love and give two away, because I gave one to a friend and used the other.

One of my previous posts on this blog was one of my newest obsessions which was light novels and since then this obsession has only become bigger. So I wanted to share my love of light novels with everyone who reads here.

To get the code all you have to do is…
– Follow my blog
– Like this post
– Leave a comment about why you want the code and what is your favourite light novel on the website.

The Contest will be open for Two weeks starting the April 22, 2017 and ending May 5, 2017. I will randomly choose FIVE people to receive these codes.

I wanted to say that in order to use the website you do not need a code, but a code allows you to write reviews, rate the novels, keep track of where you were previously in the novel and possibly more in the future because this is WEB 1.0 for the website. I hope whoever will win enjoys it because it just makes the experience on the website a little easier.

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Seasonal Anime Attempt: Garo – Guren no Tsuki


So looking at my long hiatus I noticed that I a little behind on my seasonal anime attempts so with that said and done I’m going to be doing all the shows that caught my eye each season I missed until I’m up to date.

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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: A Look Both Ways

The Girl who Leapt Through Time

See the end of the Review for how to participate in a Giveaway for a Digital Copy of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 

The Facts are These:

Makoto Kanno is in her last year of high school and is unsure what she wants to do in the future. However, one day she finds herself back in time after slipping in the science office. Now Makoto has the ability to leap through time, however with great things, can come great consequences.

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My New Obsession from my Internship


So I have been gone for a while now, but I have good reason. I was doing my internship. I’m sorry for just dropping off the face of the earth with no explanation, I am truly sorry.

But during my Internship I learnt many things and am now walking way with the mindset that I have accomplished my goal for the summer. However, I also walked away with a new obsession, one that I think is going to stick for a long time.

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Media Room Tour

What is behind DOOR NUMBER 1!

What is behind DOOR NUMBER 1!

Sorry for the late post I got busy with work, but here is what I promised to do a media room tour.

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Madan no Ou to Vanadis: Dragons and Weapons Together Again!

Madan no Ou to Vanadis

The Facts are These:

The young noble archer from Brune is defeated in war by Ellen one of the Vanadis. After losing in battle instead of being sentenced to death, she asks him to serve her, while in the process being taken as a prisoner of war. So while a prisoner what will become of his people.

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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: HOLY SHIT! A NEW DIGIMON GAME

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

Well here come the first new review in a long time about my most recent obsession, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. I have 60+ into this game and I am determined to get all the Badass Digimon! P.S. This ones a LONG REVIEW!

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